View Full Version : My old strategies aren't working - help me with some new ones?

05-28-17, 05:07 AM
I had a bunch of things I used to try before I was diagnosed and treated that helped me with time management, focus, and staying on task. Now that I am taking Adderall, they don't work. I will give my most pressing example.

Before, I would use Pomodoro technique and make myself work for 40 mins, then take a 5 mins break, then work 40 mins, then a 5 minute break, then work 40 mins and take a 15 minute break. On my short breaks I'd get up and get a drink or use the bathroom and on my long breaks I'd goof off on the the internet or social media. This used to help me by giving me a short term goal so I could stay focused on my work without getting up 20 times an hour or having a thought of oh I need to pay a bill and going to do that or oh, we need toilet paper let me order some on Amazon right now, etc.

Now I have no problems at ALL focusing. In fact, I think I'm focusing too much! It doesn't feel like hyperfocus because it's not exclusive to one thing, but more like I have trouble breaking away from whatever I'm doing. That's good when it's work, and I do sometimes just work right through my short breaks, but unfortunately it also works for goofing off. I often find that when my long break is over, I will be right in the middle of reading something so I'll pause my timer with every intention of finishing whatever I'm doing and going back to work, and before I know it an hour has gone by and I'm still goofing off.

The thought of just NOT taking breaks is daunting. I'm typing pretty much nonstop when I work and my hands get tired. Also I've been using the pomodoro technique for so long that the idea of just "freestyling" work time seems weird to me. Having that timer ticking away in front of me helps my brain transition to "okay work time," but it's really clearly not working that great anymore.

So anyone have any ideas on how to more easily shift focus from work to break and back to work?z

TL;DR: Used to use Pomodoro technique to stay on task. Now I have trouble shifting my focus back to work after a break. What do you suggest?

05-28-17, 09:08 AM
Maybe I missed it but are you on medication?

05-28-17, 09:28 AM
Maybe I missed it but are you on medication?

Yep, second sentence in OP. :o

05-30-17, 04:24 AM
Yep, second sentence in OP. :o

Duh, I cant believe I missed that,. Can you elaborate though?

05-30-17, 09:34 PM
I would say just experiment in the near term. Here's the problem ... and I hate to tell you this ... but it's likely in a few months that the meds won't be quite as effective as they are now.

Now is the time to get routines for sleep ...

For work breaks, you may need to set alarms and timers ... if you want to interrupt yourself .... I have to set alarms when I'm parked ... because I will get caught up in some task and allow myself to get an expensive ticket.

But use this focus you now have (which hopefully will last) to get good lifestyle habits going ... because over time, the meds can not overcome a bad lifestyle ... If I'm constantly tired and behind on sleep, the meds help a little bit. Ironically, if I'm well-rested, the meds are really effective and helpful.

At the start, my meds could overcome bad lifestyle ... but over time, no.

Hope that helps.


05-31-17, 12:52 AM
print an A4 sheet with 8 to 12 small circles and say 5 or six bullet pointes next to each of them.

pin it up somewhere you pass several times a day. put 5 highlighters or multicolored pens next to it.

each night, fill ( one of ) the circles like pie charts, with how much time you spent on each of the bullet points or "daily core tasks" lists.....

hopefully after a few days..... you will have an artificial insight and motivation to spread your efforts.... rather than a more realtime singular viewpoint. using a method like this takes alot of the blame as stress away and tools you up to not keep this onboard as to hamper you.