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05-28-17, 11:36 AM
I love sneezing.
I do it every morning.
It is the first thing I do everyday.
Have uncontrollable sneezing fits.
Even before I make my bed.
Spending my savings on tonnes of tissues.
Before I think of life's issues.
Sometimes it feels like I am in fight with a invisible ghost kicking the **** out of me, on a rocky boat in storm at sea.
Can barely walk straight.
Mist flying all over me.
There is only one thing better than sneezing in the morning.
And that is weezing all night.
(Space) chirp, (space) chirp, (space) chirp, like my own little baby reggae playing chicken living inside me.
Keeping my roommates up all night.
Weezing and a sneezing tonight..

05-28-17, 12:09 PM
This thread is meant to discuss members experiences with allergies.


05-28-17, 12:43 PM
Kitty cat.
Kitty cat.
I love you Shakespeare the kitty cat.
But whenever we are around.
My eyes and nose get all runny, puffy and fat.


05-28-17, 01:36 PM
I'm highly allergic to pain (and make note of that on all forms asking for allergies) and super sensitive (although some like to call it allergic since there are very clear and lasting physical reactions) to artificial scents, colors, flavors, sweeteners, etc.

I used to suffer from lots of recurring diagnosed colds and allergies until I drastically changed what I eat. Not sure what the exact root of all of that is, but glad it's gone. Less illness overall. Many say food doesn't matter, but it seems to have mattered greatly as far as my biology is concerned.

I still have a sneezing session pop up every once in a while, or a day when it feels like my nose is a faucet, but not ongoing for days and days or seasons at a time like it used to.

I've luckily never suffered from any animal or insect allergies.

My hubby on the other hand suffers greatly and often has a runny nose, regardless of the season and should probably invest in the kleenex tissue company. He didn't change his diet as drastically as I did, though, so it seems we'll never know if that particular avenue may help ease his brand of allergies or not.

The offspring both are allergic to cats and dogs and umpteen other things they used to receive regular shots for. They eventually stopped the shots by their own choosing when they were in high school. They no longer live at home, so I'm unsure how much they still suffer other than the pollen season.

05-28-17, 02:45 PM
I'm allergic to nickel
Though now it's rather fickle
It was worse as a teen
Which I thought was really mean

05-28-17, 04:55 PM
I am much happier outside.

Working in a yard.

I am emotionally allergic to bosses who yell.

Predictably I will eventually be caught off guard.

And tell the yelling boss to go to the opposite of heaven.

My last boss would never yell.

If that boss wanted me to, I would have gladly worked for him late every day til eleven.

Completing a two year job for the first time in my life, felt like the opposite of hell.

I felt so much more confident inside.