View Full Version : Afraid to go in public on Adderall

05-30-17, 07:24 PM
I'm 45, history of anxiety, wellmanaged with a low dose of Lexapro. I'm often revved up, babbling, and unable to see a task through (I start many, complete few). My doctor and I are exploring the possibility that I have ADD.

I'm off this week, so it was a good time to try a new med. I took the 20 mg XR yesterday at 2 pm. I was VERY productive, and wandered the house doing every chore I'd put off for the last year (my spice cabinet is wicked organized now LOL). I love that, but I couldn't stop, and I didn't get to sleep until 10 this morning even though I took 10 mg Ambien last night!!!

Today, I took the baby 5 mg non-XR to see if that would be more manageable. I'm still pretty productive and focused, and it even helped me complete a work project I'd developed a weird mental block over. So I'm happy, though we'll see if I can sleep tonight...

But I'm afraid to take off the training wheels and go to work on Adderall! I'm worried I'll be a complete spaz and people will think I'm coked up.

I'd be interested to hear how other people handled their first few days "out in the wild" on Adderall. Since I've been alone for the past few days, I have no idea how I'm going to behave around others.

05-31-17, 04:49 AM
I cant figure out why in the world your doc would have given you 20mg xr and had you take it at 2pm for the first time. Some people like myself, have no issues sleeping with adderall but many do, especially at first. The 5mg you took...what were the instructions on that one? and what were the instructions on the 20? It sounds like 20mg is too high and based on what you said, its possible it would be noticeable in a negative way at work. Titration should be low and slow.

06-02-17, 06:02 PM
Although 20mg/day is the recommended starting dose for adults, I think that's too much for a small number of us. With the way Adderall XR works, 20mg XR is supposed to be like two 10mg IR pills four hours appart. So 10+ mg at one time is probably too much for you while 5mg is fine.

I know some of my other non-Adderall meds have affected my demeanor. If anyone comments, I say something about not feeling well or being tired... and assure them it's not contagious! (I'm okay telling people it's med side effects, but I figure they usuaully don't want that much detail.) Granted, my negative demeanor effects were along the lines of looking like I feel tired or miserable. If you seem hyped or jittery instead, you might have some excuse about accidentally taking too much coffee.