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05-31-17, 01:31 AM
It's not always bad to have Asperger's. I find myself more creative than others more out-of-the-box thinking. I find myself very capable of doing work especially because of my perseverance. My interest range from things that may include work to things that include housework. Science and art. Technology of all kinds. Find myself capable of learning programming, and even human programming for my own benefit. Treating my brain as an operating system. I was whizzing through being able to learn to college-level things. It's spend 8 hours doing it. I can fix anything but I have never been introduced to before. It's not always about the meltdowns not always about having anxiety it's not always about being depressed or unable to communicate. It's not about being unable to communicate for long because you get tired too from conversations. And I know I'm always the nerd that can help with homework. Or the one who can play composition on the piano freeform Improv. Life is not always bad. There are many things to be thankful of for being autistic. And all those issues you have can be worked through. Medication can give you days where you're not so autistic. I still have issues figuring out what flirting is but that's okay I can still have a very serious relationship.

With years of practice I was able to understand socialization and ways that I would have never been able to. Occupational therapy gave me a good resource as well. Rebt also did as well. I still have my moments may be quite a few but I am still able to live a nice life. Although I am on disability.

It takes 5 years to about 50 years for diagnosis' to happen properly for many people. So do not fret as there are so many hurdles we have to go through just to get proper diagnosis'.

I also have a hard time not talking about my interest so much. But life is ok.

You cannot love others before you can love yourself. Without loving yourself you wouldn't be able to love who you are with those who you love. There is hope for having autism and having autism is almost like being a different person but it is no different then the styles of learning that we have.

<3<3<3<3--{-@@-}--E>E>E>E><3<3<3<3love yourself for who you are E>E>E>E>