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05-31-17, 02:48 AM
Hi I'm kelpalots. That's my musician name. I have been in music ever since I was one. I hum you are my sunshine to the radio when I was one. When I was 2 I had a tot xylophone. I played the youngand the Restless theme song and was missing a key for it. At 4 I made my first song using all the keys on a Casio sa 5 song Bank... Which way later goes missing. It seems being a musician comes with perks like having stalkers. If you want to call it that. I quit for some time until I was eight which I started making music again. Time I would spend making music constantly on any piano I could find my hands on including synth pianos Electronics. I love all kinds of music even country even though it's not my favorite. I love ambient psybient psychedelic music Trippy Music calming relaxing or complex. I also love dubstep a lot of it all kinds. I generally like everything. I make dubstep and variance of it and I also make ambient and psychedelic music. I also use improv on the piano. And I have hardware including an komplete s61 from Native Instruments. I have made music on the computer sincere​ 2006. I'm taking a break now but I'll be returning later. But I have over 200 tracks. is my SoundCloud.

Tell me what you think! I accept all criticism.