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06-01-17, 08:19 AM
Last week I had an appointment with my doctor who has been prescribing me vyvanse for the last two months. My schedule for the month of May consisted of work from 8:00 to 4:30 and taking 1 online course at my university. My schedule for June July and August consists of working the same hours but instead of an online class I have 2 night classes at 6 and 8 on campus.

I've been taking the vyvanse between 8 or 9 AM which has helped me get through the work day as well as completing my online course objectives. The two new courses I've added for the following months will be a little over 4 hours a day and 4 days a week. Im nervous that by the end of the day I will have difficulty sustaining attention and maintaining my focus which will cause me to miss valuable lecture material. There's no way I could take vyvanse past 10 or so in the morning or getting to sleep would be near impossible.

I've mentioned the possibility of supplementing a short acting medication with my vyvanse or switching it out altogether but my doctor is very hesitant about prescribing anything but vyvanse.

I was wondering if I could go and get another doctors opinion on the situation or if that would cause me to run into any legal situations due to me filling a prescription last week?

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.
Any comments will be appreciated!

06-01-17, 08:32 AM
i think they have some valid reasoning.... it seems more like a downtime management issue.....

i.e. if you don't operate machinery..... the logical thing to do is take the medication later in the day ( midday ) but this poses issues perhaps if it's not done consistently.... and how would you maintain proper rest routine ..... almost impossible.....

if it were me..... i'd try recording or similar the lectures..... shifting meds to 11am..... then using post work / travel to course for cramming / revision whilst still medicated....... weekends too

otherwise..... perhaps the only healthy alternative might be shifting work or study around or over a longer period..... any options to shift the study to weekends?

06-01-17, 08:53 AM
If you intention is to get another doctor to write you both of your prescriptions or a short acting script while you keep your current doc, it could look kind of shady.

06-01-17, 09:02 AM
My work involves a lot of data analyst and database management. The night classes are coding courses so, for me at least, I need to be zoned in 100% of the time.