View Full Version : Anyone else sometimes think they have "ADHD"?

06-02-17, 11:12 AM
Sometimes I feel like I'm inside my mind In a way. Don't know how to explain. Just feel like I can see everything that's wrong with me and everything that's bad about and fix those issues, and feel motivated to fix those issues. But then I just forget about It.

:Some info about me I always struggled to concentrate, I always change my hobbies/interests. One day I'll suddenly be passionate about computers, I will learn everything about computer what a career in computer programming then get bored and lose all interest and all motivation, feel lost for a few days sometimes months then suddenly find something else e.g "music". Will want to become a musician love it be passionate the cycle returns and all starts again.

And it's depressing because i'm not stable and choose a career and it's ******* my life up. My mood will be all over the place, I've been like this my whole I asked my mother and she told me that as kid i would want to be a fireman then a police officer then start a business, then become a programmer, then become a mechanic/engineer.

I've recently been diagnosed with Asperger's but not sure about that. I've always been able to understand Body-language,facial expressions and tone of voice. My emotions are really unstable which adds to It considering I can't hold down a job or stay in school or dropping out, or getting kicked out either one. And my ego isn't helping either considering how sensitive I am.

Any else feel this way any help would be appreciated guys.

06-04-17, 06:42 AM
I dont think it, I know it, I am diagnosed with it. Can you explain what you mean? I didnt vote in the poll because I wasnt sure if it applied to people diagnosed with it.