View Full Version : Drug interactions - Vyvanse vs Buspirone

06-04-17, 08:08 PM
I love Vyvanse (it simply increases dopamine), and am fine with Buspirone (It increases your serotonin while "selectively" increases OR decreases your dopamine). Since buspirone is not a priority for me, I asked my doc, if Buspirone might be un-doing some of the good work of Vyvanse.

I couldn't grasp the response of my doc :) though it was something like (I think) that when you find during mid-day the good affects of Vyvanse decrease, Buspirone actually helps you since Buspirone remains in your blood for like 72 hrs or something.

Would there be anyone here, that can help me understand this or whatever the correct explanation is, whether Buspirone indeed does take the edge off Vyvanse or whether it actually helps to extend those affects???

06-04-17, 11:07 PM
The reason I am confused is, when I google this, I read in user feedbacks where people have had this exact concern and they did believe buspirone to be un-doing the vyvanse effect. Consequently, I stopped buspirone after 2 days of usage. I told my doc, the explanation he gave seemed to an opposite of that. He said something like, that Buspirone complements the good effects of dopamine by amplifying it in areas where it is really needed and plus maybe making the duration of that effect much longer since it stays in your blood or something for a longer time. However, he left it on me, whether I wanted to continue Buspirone or not.

I have since, re-started Buspirone. Please help! maybe I heard the doc wrong, I want to be sure, I understand this better, so I am not un-doing the effect of Vyvanse that has helped me so much.

06-05-17, 02:04 AM
Im glad you went back to taking your medication. Its dangerous to just stop it all at once. Ive never heard that before about it extending the effects of vyvanse.

06-06-17, 01:12 PM
had a few mins with my doc, he decreased dosage of Buspirone to 2.5mg twice a day, since 5mg was slurring my speech. He indicated there is not much research done on Buspirone to guage its mechanism, other than that it has a proven co-morbidity with Vyvanse ... not sure what that means exactly, maybe when my adhd is less, i'll be able to better understand :)