View Full Version : 3 Weeks into Adderall...when do you give up?

06-05-17, 11:52 AM
My 6 y/o son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and through that process I recognized I myself had the same symptoms (very bright but lack of focus/discipline to complete tasks). I did the tests and met my psychologist who diagnosed me w/ ADD. I primarily wanted help focusing at work, I work in sales and often get distracted since I work from home, set my own routine, etc. I need guidance since that is not provided by anyone but myself...met my primary care physician who started me on Adderall XL, 10mg pills, said to take 1-2 in the morning each day. Here are my results:

Week 1, took 10MG at 6:30am: felt very stiff in my neck, sore jaw, just overall very tense. I remember yelling (uncharacteristically) at my son in the early afternoon, and it freaked me out. Overall my mood was a bit down, like it was a cloudy day, not excited to get up and work. I did notice a boost in the day in that I cleaned the house like crazy, definitely felt a boost in energy, but not a boost in focus and my mood seemed to go down.

Week 2, took 20MG at 6:30am: doubled the dose, and that was not really noticeable. I did catch myself at times talking really fast, over the person I was conversing with, and did seem able to focus a little better. But my mood was again a bit tense, dark, almost angry. It felt like to be happy and fun I had to convince myself to do it, being a salesman I'm typically very fun and outgoing, but that wasn't happening.

Week 3, took 200MG at 6:30am, same dose as last week, and maybe just getting used to the drug, but didn't feel much at all. Still a bit down, never felt like being really fun and positive, just kind of flat. no tense/pain like week 1, just kind of a flat week.

So, at this point, do I try something else, increase the dosage, what would you do next? I see my doc this week but value the opinions for those that have been down this path. Maybe I had the wrong expectations, but reading others claim "it was like putting glasses on the first time," I was hoping I would have that "wow" moment where I was super focused and maximizing my time all day, but that has not yet occurred...thanks in advance!

06-06-17, 05:06 AM
It could be a dose issue but IMO it sounds like a frequency issue. How were you taking the doses? At the same time, all at once? IME its better to take smaller doses multiple times a day vs all at once.

06-08-17, 12:03 PM
Adderall 10mg IR works very well for me. But I take it twice/ day as needed due to a shorter duration. Several people have suggested XR, so I tried it about 6 months ago and didn't like it. Very different experience than the IR. It has been a while and I decided to give it one more shot today. I am certain now that I hate the XR. It filled my head with static and pressure... then when the 2nd round kicked in I felt like I was going out of my mind. It was too much- I couldn't focus one one task. If something else caught my attention before I was through with one thing, my hyper focus took me to the new thing completely wiping out the task at hand from my mind. I felt lathargic physically, but mentally my mind was screaming. I found myself fidgeting (such as bouncing my feet if I sat still), it's like the XR made the ADD symptoms worse! I found it so strange since the IR makes everything so clear for me and actually boosts my mood, helping me control my emotions and keeping anxieties at bay.

I often don't take my 2nd dose of IR, or sometimes I will take 1/2 dose. I think I am too sensitive to meds and realize I have to be able to control the dosing. The XR 20mg should be the same as 10mg IR, but it obviously was not... Perhaps you would react differently to the IR version, too? I hope you sort it all out, it is a life changing, wonderful thing when you find the dosing and meds that help you.

06-08-17, 02:04 PM
The XR 20mg should be the same as 10mg IR,

Why do you say this?

06-08-17, 02:20 PM
Should have said 20mg XR should be equal dose to 10mg IR twice/ day. Is this wrong? Doesn't 20mg XR release 10mg twice as "time release"? Whatever it is, I never expected to feel such a difference.

06-08-17, 03:05 PM
I take 15mg XR brand name 6am, IR 5mg 1:00pm and another IR 5mg at 3:30 or 4pm.

As far I know the XR release the first dosage and the half after 3hrs or 4hrs later. But not as like all in one shot. Its lke spread out the durations. Sometimes XR second release is unpredictable I barely notice it. Comparing to IR dosage on my afternoon I really notice it for 2-2.5 hours per dose.