View Full Version : concerta and strattera best timings

06-06-17, 01:55 PM
I am on strattera 50 +50 divided daily. Morning. And night. Being non stimulant doctor is of the opinion that timing,not,issue
But I read some,where that 50,morning and 50 @,early afternoon will give mood almost,flat for the day, what is best,in timing,for,maax,daytime,performance in your,opinion. I have 18 mg,of concerta also in morning. Concerta Only one week now. So far ,no benifit i feel for concerta except slight over talk. Will wait.
Btw strattera is attentrol and concerta is addwise in india

06-06-17, 02:43 PM
If your doctor says timing for Attentrol is not an issue, then why not try the 50 morning/50 early afternoon and see if it helps you? Or did your doctor say morning and night only?

For Concerta, definitely morning.

06-07-17, 01:00 AM
did your doctor say morning and night only?

NO . Doctor advised to be on divided doses and since it is not a stimulant better equally apart. But anyway since others report some benefits I am about to try half in the afternoon.


06-09-17, 07:18 AM
My Report:
Morning strattera 50mg 7 AM but when work starts at 9 very tired. Next dose 50mg at 2PM
Then not feeling tired and sleepy. Seems better. Report will be updated as times goes.
Forenoon is tough. Somehow after noon better. Have to find out why?
Any observations from my fellow ADHDers?