View Full Version : Overly protective?

06-06-17, 03:14 PM
I know with Asperger's we have more instinctual actions and are more in tune with our instincts especially after digging deep into the aspie quiz and University tests that would tell me how extreme my system ization is and how well I could communicate with others. But even though sometimes I am very type 3 I become type 2 or type 1 and when I do start being able to make sense and do have the ability to overcome my autism I start becoming a little bit overprotective with people who have severe forms of autism. I remember when I was in 2nd grade and this kid had a hard time opening those stupid ketchup packets and I was just so frustrated myself that when I came up to him and saw him say I can't I can't I'm like you can and you will because this isn't going to be the hardest part of your life and I told him that those ketchup packets are mean and I hate them because they're so hard to open and then afterwards he opened all of them. So I feel very protective of people on the Spectrum especially further into it. I'm just wondering if anybody else with autism feels the same way?

06-06-17, 03:44 PM
I think being protective or over-protective of people whose difficulties we identify with is not only an Asperger's thing. I do it, and I think a lot of people do it.