View Full Version : Digital Paintings of Dogs

06-07-17, 07:58 AM
I've been wanting to work on my digital painting skills. In looking around the web for inspiration and tutorials, I found an image called "Leap Into Summer" by honrupi on DeviantArt, and decided to try to draw a dog from the old P.F. Magic "Petz" computer game in the same style and palette, hoping the exercise would teach me a bit. Here's the result:

It's okay. Cute. My fear of leaving that comfy range of saturated mid-tones is quite evident, I think, and as a result it looks rather flat.

After this one, I struck out on my own with what I'd learned...
I tried this in the same sort of style and with the same brushes as the trotting lab. I think I improved a bit.
With this one, I used some of what I learned but reverted back to the paintbrush-esque brushes that I normally use.
And finally, I gave this one a try, beginning with (and utilizing) line art! I haven't done much of this in a while! I think it's my favorite.