View Full Version : ADHD friendly epmloyer of the year contest

06-07-17, 10:07 AM
How about working in reverse?

Think of a job for which you are certainly the worst match in the world. Name the job, and say why.

This would be a very long and detailed list :lol:

But your post inspired me to start this thread: Let's name an ideal work description, job offer and set of skills that would make you be early at work and last one to go home :)

06-08-17, 10:02 AM
I had a dream.... and in this dream my ideal job was:

1. 3-5 hrs / day workload, I can't muster more unmedicated.
2. Those hours are of course spread over the whole day
3. The job was packeted into 2 weeks' tasks (more or less)
4. It was mostly work from home :)
5. Nobody called me without notice, preferably written communication only.
6. I didn't have to communicate with people I don't know
7. I didn't have a supervisor much smarter than myself :lol:

well, that's all - nothing special I guess.

Employers, please sent offers before 8 pm :)

And what's your ideal work conditions ?