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06-07-17, 08:05 PM
Hi all. New to the forum. I have been browsing for a while now and thought I would share my success story with beet juice.

I was diagnosed with ADHD combined at 24 years old by my psychologist. He recommended medication and refered me to my primary doctor. I had been with out health insurance for a couple years but had previously been seeing a NP. When I went in for my medication appointment she seemed worried about my high blood pressure. I have not had a problem with it in the past but I knew my diet and weight was a factor. I did some research and changed my diet to include salads and lean proteins. After a month I had not seen much improvement even though I was losing weight. I heard about how much success people were having with drinking two cups of beet juice a day. I went to my local Kroger and picked up some organic beet juice. The ingredients only showed cold pressed beets and lemon juice. I didnt have any trouble drinking it i actually found it refreshing in a way. Now three months later along with diet and exercise my blood pressure is down on average 15 systolic and about 10 diastolic. ( from readings as high as 150/100 to averaging 125/80) And with out the help of blood pressure medication al while on a small dose of adderall everyday.

Anybody else tried and had success with beets?

Little Missy
06-07-17, 09:25 PM
I enjoy them very much grated fine and raw on a salad.

I do not recall ever thinking about adhd or blood pressure when I have eaten them though.

06-08-17, 02:52 PM
I haven't tried but thanks to your post, I may try depending on whether beet juice is ok for my pre diabetes.