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06-11-17, 03:06 PM
I've been on Adderall XR 30mg on/off for about 4 months and it's been a godsend in many ways. It's an anti-depressant, an appetite-suppressant, and an adrenaline-booster all in one. I've decided that I should probably take it every day for as long as necessary to help me get back on my feet and achieve my goals.

For years I've had a lot of creative thoughts and ideas about the big issues of life and I've always wanted to try to make a living as a writer/blogger/podcaster. But it's always been very difficult to keep the mental energy and focus strong enough to articulate the full complexity of my ideas and write them down. Morning coffee helps a little bit, but not enough.

Adderall gives me the mental energy boost I need. I find that it removes the blocks and helps me think of just the right words to communicate my ideas succinctly and effectively, and in a much more clever and articulate way than I would be able to do otherwise. (At least for the first few hours after taking it.) This is good, and it feels great while it's happening. Sometimes I'll be enjoying the ideas my mind is coming up with so much that two or three hours will pass before I realize I've been sitting in my car doing nothing but thinking the whole time.

The problem is that it usually gets my mind racing so fast that I find myself jumping around to a bunch of different tangents and topics in my head before I have a chance to remember and write them down. And I'm afraid if I pause to write the ideas down (or speak them into a recording device) it can derail a very productive train of thought. If only there were some magical device that could record all my creative thoughts in real time while on Adderall, so that I could organize and publish them later, I might be a millionaire by now! (instead of living in my car just to afford child support payments)

So does anyone know of some good tips to get the most out of this mental energy boost we get from Adderall? My fear is that all this positive energy I get from Adderall could be for naught in the long-term if I can't figure out a way to productively harness it's power.

06-12-17, 04:51 AM
Racing, jumpy thoughts can be a sign that your dose is too high.

Little Missy
06-12-17, 08:23 AM
where do you work?

06-12-17, 08:42 AM
Adderall may bring you benefits in terms of executive function, but the skills, routines, and methods of time management, the creative process, and bringing an idea to fruition are all up to you.

Thankfully, these things can be learned.

And yes, speed of thought that is on a spectrum ending with flight of ideas is reason to be concerned.


06-12-17, 07:36 PM
where do you work?

I've been doing independent contract work for the past several years. Mostly posting flyers/door hangers for multiple businesses.

06-12-17, 08:03 PM
Racing, jumpy thoughts can be a sign that your dose is too high.

It's tricky. The racing, jumpy thoughts aren't just trivial distractions. They are good, creative, and useful thoughts that I wouldn't otherwise be having w/o the drug. So I'm glad I'm having them, I just need to figure out how to best process and document them before the effect wears off.

And I don't always get the racing thoughts with my 30mg XR. In fact, the last couple days they've been minimal. Some days I barely notice any difference at all and I start worrying my dose is too low. And I usually start coming down fast somewhere between 2pm and 4pm and spend the rest of the afternoon/evening back to being my pre-Adderall self (low energy, brain fog, fatigued, irritable, depressed).

So I've actually considered asking my new doctor to up the dose to 40 or 50mg XR. Or at least prescribe me an additional 10mg IR that I can take in the afternoon to get me through til the late evening (an idea I got from reading some of the other threads on this forum). Or maybe instead of a 30mg XR, taking a 20mg XR upon waking and another 20mg XR around 2pm?

Since I'm getting very inconsistent results each day, I'm worried that the capsules might not be a consistent 30mg and could be varying all over the place, with one capsule having 50mg in it while another only has 15mg, etc. Does anyone have knowledge whether that's a valid concern?

07-01-17, 06:06 PM
I guess it's too late now to get an answer to my question. About three weeks have passed since my last post in this thread, and there's no power left to harness. :(

The Adderall is definitely not working anymore. I've clearly built a tolerance now, at least when going as high as 50mg/day (30mg XR in the AM, then a 20mg IR in the afternoon). I'm back to having the exact same fatigue, brain fog, lack of concentration, and resulting depressed mood I had w/o taking anything. I'm still taking 20mg - 40mg/day until this bottle runs out, even though I'm noticing zero effect. But I'm clueless about what to do next. Wean off it and try a non-stimulant route? Or keep upping and upping the dosage as my tolerance builds? My doc isn't sure what to do and is waiting to see what a specialist says. Anyone else been in a similar situation?