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06-13-17, 10:16 AM
Hi Everyone,

My friend's son has ADHD. I help him out with a project concerning ADHD and we started running it together. The boy is not able to sit without moving for 10 seconds. He needs to move all the time.

He is only 5 and goes to a nursery school, but he should go to school next year and parents are afraid it will be a huge challenge for him. For them, thinking of him doing homework feels like a nightmare...

My friend's father is an inventor. He came up with an idea of a moving chair which I would like to show you. It can be very useful if it comes to hyperactivity. It's a garage-made prototype, so focus rather on the idea than the esthetics.

Link to video:

Have you ever heard of the theory mentioned in the video that controlled movement makes learning much easier? Do you think that the idea makes sense? All opinions and suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance.