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06-13-17, 02:20 PM
So I am taking a business precalculus final exam today and my nerves are through the roof right now. I failed my first exam with a 45%!!!! It was terrible and eye opening for sure. Shortly after this I was diagnosed with ADD and before I started taking the medication (it took me awhile to get it after diagnosis due to insurance issues). We had a second exam that I took as well without medication and got a 75%.

So now I've into my second week on medication and I can see myself sticking to my study materials now which is amazing. I am still nervous but I'm curious to see what this final will end up like after my initial awareness of the ADD diagnosis you can see that there is a bit of improvement.

If anyone has ever taken business precalculus then you know this class is an ADD person's nightmare! You have all these different scenarios you have to remember and it's mostly word problems with a whole bunch of different things you need to interpretations.

It's going to be my GPA killer and I haven't even taken business calculus yet! Should be exciting.

Okay rant over. I'll post my results in about 4 days.

06-13-17, 05:10 PM
Good luck in your exam :)

06-13-17, 07:12 PM
Best of luck!! Hope it goes well!!

06-13-17, 09:14 PM
Update after the test - I wasn't able to finish the test... it was a 3 hour test too. Idk what happened but I know that I wasted a whole bunch of time on a problem that I most likely got wrong and wasn't able to finish the last problem that I actually knew. Feeling a little down right now :(...