View Full Version : Ritalin and "unknown" prescripted medicines

06-14-17, 02:53 AM
I live in Taiwan and I use Effexor and 10mg Ritalin, when ever I go to a doctor(Like today), due to HUGE swollen area apparently from a insect(hurt like hell, as skin doesnt even stretch to allow it swell more, also burning hot and itchy), the doctor give me two bottle of cream(I guess antibiotic) and 3x mystery pills(said for itching). He never ask if I use any other drug.

So if doctor does this, should I still take the pill(obviously take for a reason), even thought I take the 37.5mg Effexor and 20mg Ritalin a day(2x 10mg).

I'm not Taiwanese, and my Chinese is not that good, so I still have a lot of communication difficulties with locals here. They tend to be in very "hurry" even they are not(westeners would see as ignorant), and for locals they actually have ignorant attitude, but for foreigners really nice and curious, this is what I love in Taiwan lol

06-14-17, 04:24 AM
He gave you an unmarked bottle of pills and expected you to take them??
Can you use the pill identifyer from to figure out what it is?

06-14-17, 06:00 AM
Does this doctor know you are on those other medications?

06-14-17, 01:10 PM
I have nonclue, it is all in chinese, I tried asking my class mate, but she didnt know anything else than it is for itching.

And the doctor didn't ask, and here, we use small clinics as example, one clinic is for stomach and intestines, other is for nose, ear, and throat(general doctor if u get ill or sick) and the one I went to is hair and skin clinic. These clinics are small and they dont work together, nor with a bigger hospital.

I did take them today with the Ritalin and Effexor and nothing special happened, but I'm wondering, cus last time I got really sick (39c fever for a week) the doctor gave me like 5pills to take, again didn't ask if i had other medication.. But took and nothing happen at that time too....

06-14-17, 02:58 PM
Are these old-fashioned traditional remedies, or "western-style" ones?

06-14-17, 09:44 PM
Mostly westener style, if I get sick or have a reason to see a doctor, but I also like to go to traditional Chinese doctor, as he is chiropractic, and I have 18degree scoliosis, that sometimes make my back feel so jammed, he also gives medicine to sleep better and says my anxiety comes from my stomach, and which is too effective, so he gives medicine for this too. (Herb combinations), but he say to take before or after 2hours taking any other medicine.