View Full Version : Savings Heads Up for Gluten-Free Pastas and Such

06-14-17, 05:00 PM
For folks with Food Lion grocery stores in your hood and who are interested in stocking up on or trying gluten-free products, they're currently having closeout sales on several of their gluten-free options.

I scored many boxes of green lentil spaghetti and lentil/quinoa shell pasta and rotini, ranging from 76 cents to like 1.98 per box. It's usually 3 or 4 dollars each.

Also, they had Bob's Red Mill brand chickpea flour, several of the dairy-free and g/f cookie varieties, a cereal variety, etc.

The closeout tags are a darker color and stand out easily from the rest, making it easy to scan and spot the deals.

Happy savings!