View Full Version : Neurologist vs. Psychiatrist: Discontinuing Meds w/o Consent?

06-15-17, 08:18 PM
Can a neurologist take you off of your ADHD med or talk to your psychiatrist about taking you off your ADHD med without your consent?

06-15-17, 08:41 PM
If your neurologist and your psychiatrist do not normally work together, they cannot legally discuss your case with each other unless they have a signed consent form from you.

If they are in the same practice, with a team approach to care, then they probably are within rights to discuss your case.

A doctor does not normally discontinue (or rather, stop writing prescriptions for) someone's medication without consent unless they believe the person is misusing the medication or there is some serious reaction that warrants it. Even in these cases, the doctor should discuss it with you.

Has this happened to you? If so, did your doctor explain their reasoning?

06-16-17, 02:08 PM
Well, I was on a 3 month meds holiday. A NURSE PRACTICIONER who doesn't believe in adult A.D.H.D. pulled me off my Adderall.

So I switched, went to a DOCTOR. Got back on my meds.

06-16-17, 03:31 PM
Not believing in adult ADHD is like not believing in adult pneumonia. The evidence is all there; people have it. It isn't actually a case of not believing, but of willful denial of the facts.

06-17-17, 09:37 PM
Your neurologist can't communicate with your psychiatrist unless they're in the same hospital network and even then I think it's against medical privacy laws. Doctors in the same hospital network often read each other's notes because they have access to all the records within the network (it's probably against privacy laws, but they can easily get away with it without getting sued so they do it). As long as your doctors are not in the same network, you probably have nothing to worry about.

The thing is that your PCP tends to have access to all your records, especially if they referred you to both doctors. If your PCP talks to your neurologist or reads their appointment summary notes, they may tell psychiatrist what was discussed.