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06-16-17, 06:08 PM
Hi everyone. I think that I may have predominantly inattentive ADD, or sluggish cognitive tempo, and/or some other condition such as social anxiety. Here are some of my symptoms:

* feeling like I think slower than others / feel like Iím in a brain fog / feel more tired than
 I think I should be 

* unwanted, intrusive thoughts at times
 * bad working memory

* socially withdrawn / social anxiety (I think due to the brain fog and intrusive thoughts, I feel like I donít interact with others naturally, canít keep up socially, and as a result, donít really enjoy being with others)

* insecure / care too much what other people think / feel like I donít have a personality

The reason why Iím writing this is that Iím questioning whether to tell my parents and ask if I could be evaluated for medication. One thing that gives me hope is that I had an experience that seemed to benefit me. In my senior year of high school, I was in a ďrelationshipĒ. I use quotes because it wasnít that healthy of a relationship. I was pretty socially awkward and most of our communication was through texting. Nonetheless I thought I was in love and was heartbroken when she broke up with me. Soon after, I found out that she was interested in someone else. Discovering this made something change within me. Whereas before I was very shy and withdrawn, I then became desperate to do things with people in order to keep myself busy and take my mind off things. I began to have a big desire to be with other people. I remember bugging my dad to play chess one night and having such a fun time with him. I also began hanging out with friends and played in the pit orchestra for a school play, which was something that I was always scared of or just not interested in doing but now needed to do. I had never felt so clear and in the moment, and able to interact naturally with other people. I didnít feel guarded when I was with people, and never planned what I was going to do or say, or felt awkward. My relationship with my parents and brother improved, and I improved my grades too.

I got over the break-up and felt very optimistic, but by the end of the summer, my desire to be with other people was gone too. It seemed like my old personality came back, where I was quick to be exhausted by social interaction, didnít really feel like I fit in, and just couldnít have fun with other people. I went through a few minor depressions in college but am doing pretty OK. Now I am graduating again (with another bachelorís degree in a field with more opportunities, for a total of 6 years in college).

Iíve been thinking back and I get a little down because realized that I never regained that feeling of needing to be around other people, and the positive experiences I had with others. For example, I visited my brother last month and didnít really have a great time, because I got so exhausted socially that I couldnít think of what to say. We didnít really have a lot of fun, and for some reason I couldnít get comfortable, probably because I always struggle with things to say. When I had that incident in HS though, I enjoyed being with him when we saw each other and was completely comfortable. Also, Iím going to start a new job soon and am nervous about my social interaction and ability to keep up there. I had a choice of 2 offers and picked one that I thought would be less busy / less chance for me to mess up and be fired, even though I think the opportunity I turned down may have given me more experience. I was thinking about considering medication or things like coffee to help get out of this brain fog and have a desire to be around other people, but I hesitate to bring it up to my parents.

I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences, or think that medication would help. I feel like that one person I was for a few months back in senior year of HS is the person Iím meant to be. For anyone who's taken medication like adderall or other stimulants, do they improve your focus and increase your desire to be around others socially? Thank you for reading this long and for any feedback.

06-19-17, 11:49 AM
If your symptoms are affecting your life and causing depression, yes... seek help. I waited too long to seek help. Medication completely turned things around for me and so many others.

06-19-17, 12:14 PM
When you wonder if you should go, then yes you should go.

06-20-17, 02:06 PM
When you wonder if you should go, then yes you should go.

This is good advice. It sounds like you display some dysthymia. I'm not a doctor.

As said, although every story is different, I've never regretted getting professional help. I'm happier. That awkward social anxiety is gone, thankgod.
I think I am the person I was supposed to be. My personality has changed but if my control waivers I know there is a real physical issue behind this.

06-20-17, 02:09 PM
It is true when your doing what your meant to do you don't need anything else. It goes something like this.

06-21-17, 10:02 AM
Thank you for the replies! How do I go about getting help, though? I've been to a social worker in the past for depression about 2 years ago, and saw a psychiatrist less frequently who prescribed Prozac. However, the psychiatrist I saw spent about 5 minutes with me each of the one or two times we met. I've never been formally diagnosed with ADD, or anything else. Should I go see my general doctor or a psychiatrist?

Also, do I specifically ask for medication or let the doctor decide? I have no intention of abusing any medication and only would take the prescribed dose, but I kind of want to try it just to see if it helps me at all. I'm also about to start my first full-time job in mid-July, which will become a night shift position in 3 months, altering my sleep schedule.

06-21-17, 12:27 PM
You could also be having depression ... So you wanna also get that checked out ... And I'll throw in another ... if you've got social awkwardness and general relationship problems ... therapy is a good path to take ...