View Full Version : Incapable of love?

06-18-17, 04:46 PM
How can someone tell if they are incapable of loving another human again?

06-18-17, 04:50 PM
Because they've just noticed that they are dead.

Otherwise, the capability always remains, though some decide not to use it.

06-18-17, 05:28 PM
It's highly likely that everyone who is capable of conscious thought is capable of love and remains so.

Johnny Slick
06-18-17, 09:31 PM
This sounds really, really bad, guys, but every now and then I have dark thoughts about relationship-al things like this as well... and then I see that there are several people who are having thoughts similar to mine and I then realize that oh yeah, this is just the ADHD (or I guess more accurately the RSD) at work. So, um, thanks for being open about your pain, everyone?

06-18-17, 10:56 PM