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06-15-05, 09:00 PM
On May 23, 2005...I was diagnosed with Adult ADD. For years I've been to one doctor after another...telling of my concerns. They all would just pat me on the back, give me a anti-depressant and send me on my way.:o
Needless to say, I was happy that this new doctor I visited in May of this year, she right away knew my problem...gave me a test...and started me on "Strattera 25mg."
As of today, June 15th...I am feeling one ounce of a fraction better.
I don't get agitated as much. When my hubby and I argue over something...I just brush it off and say "Oh well!"
So...the medicine has been started and I'm on the road to recovery.
Why, I've even begun my writing again in my journal. That's a first in a long time for me.
For I didn't even want to write anymore.
Does anyone have suggestions on this ADD? How does one really feel after a long period of being on the medicine?
The doctor told me, I possibly could've been ADD back in my childhood. Though in those days, you were told of being slow.
Thank you for letting speak.
Take care,
Debbie S.

06-21-05, 05:04 PM
Welcome and congratulations on finding this site. There is a wealth of knowledge here.

I was also diagnosed a couple months ago at 33 years old. I didn't struggle with depression through out my life, I just hit the wall hard and fast.

My one recommendation would be to get the book "Delivered from Distraction (2005)" and "Driven to Distraction (1994)", by Hallowell. This will, hopefully, answer a lot of your questions.

You have had ADHD all of your life. You were born with it and inherited it from someone in your family. You just compensated for it.

Welcome again,

09-09-05, 12:56 PM
Welcome. I am not new to ADD, just the forum.
I was diagnosed at age 24 (11 years ago) Was on meds , then off, now back on again.
I know that after I was on them for awhile, I didn't even know I was on them.
But EVERYONE knew when I was off them.
If you have been on them for awhile and you are still having problems, you may need to adjust doses. Or try something different.
The thing is , you are correct, it is very difficult to find a good ADD doctor.
I finally found one here in Ohio. He started out treating my son and changed his meds. Then I gave up and said me next. He started me out on 2 different meds. 2 weeks on one and 2 weeks on the other. I like the adderall xr 20mg I am on. I don't like the 54mg Concerta I tried. It made me very irritable. My doctor is willing to try different things because ADD is an ind disorder. Each person respondes diff to each med. The right drug, and dose is key. My son does well on 54 concerta. Perfect example. It helps to research. It helps to come here and talk to all different people. Good luck on your adventure.


09-09-05, 02:21 PM

I'm a 33 year old ADHD'er. I've been ADD all my life as far as I can tell. lol

I've recently started back in nursing school and decided to give meds a try, I'm currently taking 30 mgs of Strattera everyday and hate it. Meds are based on personal opinion and individual physical reactions don't base your experiance on anyone else's give the med a full fighting chance which takes up to six weeks.

My doctor has suggested that we try a stimulant next and I believe I'll take his advice. While on Strattera I've noticed less outbursts but then I get angry at so many things that shouldn't annoy me (like interuptions, changing the subject in a discussion--Hello!!!!!!! I'm ADD I can be guilty of all these things so why are they annoying me? lol It makes no sense at all.

And I'm honestly freaked out by how quiet my mind is. After 33 years of endless thoughts rolling around the sudden quiet is eery and makes me wonder if my mind is actually working right or has it STOPPED working. lol

My advice, read in the Adult ADD section for support and hints on how to manage and work with your meds. There is also a section for medications. Educate yourself and half the battle is already fought.

Good luck to you