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06-19-17, 12:24 PM
Just of curiosity, how do you get along with others at work?
Especially in an office setting;

I need to work in a busy area/building , I enjoy the city, but for the actual work itself I would just want to have my own office I am now sharing an office with two others (who are really quite pleasant) but I just hate that there is someone there ; my stranger adhd moments and remarks, my accent on the phone; I never know if when busy, do they think I'm rude; or when it's quieter, should I join the conversation?

And then i just get mentally sucked into whatever is in their lives, one colleague's husband broke his nose on Sunday and I just find this distressing. The other was desperately trying to find some gift for a kids bday party last week. I'm in an often stressful situation due to my boss (the other 2 are in a different department), so I must appear perfectly insane some days; and then I just don't understand, their relation with their own boss and do they even like her in the first place or is it just all pleasant on the surface?

I write this as I am last to leave generally and am now blasting the AC :)

06-21-17, 11:02 AM
I wonder/worry about what co-workers too, what they think of me and things that I do and things that they are going through distress me.

I worry a ton about what people in general think about me in a low self-esteem, poor sense of self kind of way so it doesn't really surprise me that I feel this way. I identify with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria and I am an Adult Child of an Alcoholic so those along with the crap that ADHD brings.

I am interested to see how many on here with ADHD with or without other situations deal with.

06-21-17, 11:04 AM
I get on fine with all my work colleagues but I move about a lot in the building :)

06-21-17, 11:58 AM
I worry about it less than I used to;
some days though, it truly distresses me (like when I posted this thread)
sometimes i just speculate about the whole thing and wonder, "but what do they *really* think of me? "
other days, I just want to be alone; it's more like a sensory issue.

Then there are occasional moments where I feel more bright and social, and I don't even think about it.

06-21-17, 01:17 PM
I wish I could enjoy being social, but it's not in me.

I've managed to keep my job for over 12 years because I don't have to work
with anyone else. I clean a large salon/spa so I'm all alone.

Sometimes the boss comes in while I'm there to pick something up or drop
something off, but mostly we say how you doing and that's about it.