View Full Version : verbal diarrhea

06-19-17, 05:57 PM
I find that if I blurt out nonsense, it will keep me talking as if trying to explain it, but because it's nonsense it only breeds more incessant nonsense.

So basically if I keep talking after saying nonsense, I just make it worse and worse by adding to it.

This might explain why in school people often said I talked to much to the point of driving everybody crazy.

06-23-17, 01:03 PM
Sometimes I do it. Luckily I have supportive people around me and I will just stop abruptly if I feel i am going on a bit too much. I don't think they fully understand despite knowing my condition. If at least try - I think they respect me more.

Johnny Slick
06-23-17, 02:51 PM
Yeah, this is one of the many things that goes away when I take Ritalin. I can still talk all over the place; I just get a split second to organize them before they shoot out of my mouth, is all.

06-23-17, 04:53 PM
I have the opposite problem. Sometimes the words will come into my head but refuse to go from my brain to my mouth.