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06-19-17, 11:03 PM
by Weswes

an infinite darkness sulks
immortal in its conviction
over the presiding sphinx
the warden of this desert .

overseer of condemned souls
rooted at its mammoth paws
like a plague of flies
the spirits moan for commutation

it heeds none of their pleas

this is hell for the innocent
for those sentenced without cause
and so their anguish is made heavy
by betrayal and self pity.

all i've known is this abyss-mal
unforgiving dissonance-full
empty ambivalence-for
your despairing poet.

07-04-17, 10:45 PM

The flag I bear
is mostly tears
the fabric left
holds no cheer

nor praises of home,
ideals to raise
nor hopes of those
who’ve seen me grow

once a resilient red
now darkened by soot
like maple leaves in fall
trounced underfoot

bereft of meaning
in its horrid condition
with no foreseeable greening
in glory and mission

this flag I still do carry
is a fool’s rendition
a cruel apparition
of a time