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06-20-17, 10:01 AM
I have been fighting panic attacks (sometimes a part of bipolar mania) for about a month steady. I've had them since 4th grade. I don't remember having this many, this often. Like several a week. I have cut my hours at work back significantly; I'm not sure I can afford it, but my clients deserve consistent care.

At what point do I have "partial disability"? At what point do I just live with it, as a normal part of life, every day facing the possibility that I'll get in the car and not get very far?

When does it become agoraphobia? I don't want to leave the house.

06-20-17, 12:12 PM
What does your therapist say about it?

06-20-17, 01:41 PM
He's focused on trying to get my meds to doses that will help. They were working. Lithium, imiprimine and prophenozile. (I don't think I spelled them correctly.)

06-20-17, 02:24 PM
Does he know all about those things you said in the original post?

06-21-17, 02:57 PM
Yes, just short conversations over the phone.

06-22-17, 10:35 PM
Benzos Chel

Zannies and Klonis


06-23-17, 09:29 AM
My anxiety started to come back in spades over the past few years, if you recall I was agoraphobic from late 2003-2005 spent a LOT of time online. When I found my cocktail I was able to go back to work but after an appendectomy in 2015 my anxiety went through the roof again and I became an insomniac. Which is funny because the meds I've been on for the past several years use to knock me I'm on 100mgs Geodon, 450mgs Lamictal, 200mgs Trazadone, and 300mgs Neurotin....still can't get much sleep unless I pop a benadryl or 2. I will say that the Neurotin has helped some with the daily pins and needles, high blood pressure, my skin is on fire Anxiety, perhaps you can look into it as well because I was finding it difficult to leave the house again, which is not good for my job. Although I do have accommodations for work that allows me to work from home a few days a week but I've been abusing the hell out of that due to lack of sleep. So bottom line sweets...I feel your pain. I hope that Neurotin might help.

08-13-17, 06:52 PM
Hey chel,

Not from bipolar, but I've had agoraphobia and I've gone through years of therapy for panic attacks and agoraphobia brought about by intrusive thoughts that I then try to manage.

CBT with interroceptives: semi helpful but more like it'll give you tools to ground self but actually following through is hard. Interroceptives desensitize you to the symptoms of a panic attack. It's hard but can be worthwhile for perspective.

Exposure practice: ******* sucks but it's helped me deal with my intrusive thoughts/images and set boundaries with my compulsions (which include not leaving the house in daylight or if I'm the only one home, etc etc etc I can find endless reasons not to leave when I'm slipping).

So, I have a bit of medication overlap with my diagnoses, but, meds: I found success with very low dose Zoloft (I can't take even moderate doses of antidepressants without antipsychotics), low dose abilify, and medium dose zyprexa (though the zyprexa is also part of my meds for my other other issue...)

My caution: imipramine induced a psychotic episode when I was maybe twenty...? It was pre my "other other" diagnosis, but portended having that pop up to the fore later. Be careful with imipramine is what I'm suggesting. I don't know what it would do with bipolar but maybe be wary.

Finally, did you mean perphenazine (trilafon)? If you're getting stuck in disordered thought patterns it might help :) I've not taken that exact one but have taken many in its category and that's the aim, with which I've found some hits and misses.

Much love to you and hope you're feeling better today than you were the day you started this thread xx

08-14-17, 10:31 PM
CBT is amazing for anxiety, and really helped me cut down on how many situations triggered anxiety as a teen. But it really took getting a stable regimen for my bipolar to really knock the anxiety out. Now I just have very rare and smaller attacks, they're more annoying than anything.

08-15-17, 02:58 AM
I've had anxiety since I was a kid. I'm pretty much agoraphobic nowadays.