View Full Version : Doctor lowered dose without explanation.

06-20-17, 05:58 PM
My PCP lowered my dose in half from 10 to 5mg when I switched from IR to XR.
Is that normal for PCP to do that being there was never any discussion about the switch or any indication that I was on to high a dose?

06-21-17, 01:26 AM
Get a new doctor who knows better, preferably with experience in treating ADHD.

And that's a tiny dose for most people.


06-21-17, 02:38 AM
What was done makes no sense at all, as far as I can see.

06-26-17, 04:07 PM
Mine did the same thing. I went from 10 IR to 6 XR (Adzenys). He didn't provide any explanation.

06-26-17, 04:16 PM
Why you didn't ask him why he lowered dose?

I only guess , most of psychatrists are same they hesistate to increase dosages or prescribe medication even. They doubt that we may abuse it.

Try to explain your situation and what is best for yourself

If your doctor doesnt still listen you after explaining , change him with better one
Cuz no doctor ever would be good without listenning his/her patience especially psychatrists

06-27-17, 02:49 AM
Alot of people less knowledgeble about IR and xr adderall think that if you switch to xr you need a lower dose as the same dose would be "too strong". All xr means is that if you were taking 10mg before a 10mg xr would release half in the first part of the dose and the other half about 4 hours later. 10mg is still 10mg.

06-27-17, 02:51 AM
This is why its best to see a specialist or at least a psyche to manage your meds. There are some people that have amazing pcp doctors that know their stuff but the majority of the general docs do not know alot about adhd meds.