View Full Version : Sleepwalking

06-21-17, 11:23 AM
I suspect it is Wellbutrin 150 XR causing my sleep issues because anti-depressants in the past have caused me this problem. The last couple weeks on Wellbutrin have caused me to sleepwalk in the middle of the night. I finally come to my senses where I am usually in the hallway with all the lights turned on... just standing there. I have some recollection of walking about but it is almost like I am beside myself. The ironic part is that when I look at the clock it is usually 1 AM. I ruled out a and not in control. This really disturbs my partner but more so the sleep talking which she describes as bibble-babble.

I used to have problems with sleepwalking and talking when I was in my adolescent years but they went away in my 20's.

I was on Prozac years ago for depression and after being on it for a couple weeks, I started to have the same effects as I described with the Wellbutrin. I go to bed at a decent hour 9-10pm and I have my alarm set for 6am but I am getting sleep deprived with the new problem. I do not think it is insomnia because I do not have to much issue falling asleep.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms and how did you handle them?