View Full Version : Vyvanse Sudden Death? Tips from me.

06-23-17, 10:00 AM
I've heard many stories and statistics mentioning about sudden death, cardiac arrest. I'm here to reassure you that vyvanse is relevantly safe and to remember that cardiac arrest and heart attacks are a natural occurring thing anyway.

My biggest tip for you if your new to the med (I'm on a month now)is to definitely don't abuse this drug, let it do it's course. I've heard of people who take 70 mg vyvanse, then five hours later take another 70mg. Then they feel like they need a coffee or 5 hour energy. This is a recipe for disaster. If your on 30mg like me, there is no need to take another 30mg at two in the afternoon. Relax and eat before the crash.

Personally, I think by itself it's a safe drug if it works. I do have a rare congenital heart defect myself and I'm taking it myself.(Doctors said NO to adderall) I get frequent heat palpitations when I drink caffeine and my blood pressure raises when I'm stressed. I'm happy to say I've cut caffeine and had no palpitations, blood pressure is absolute perfect, only when caffeine enters my system those nasty side effects happen and I do get slight palpitations.

It's when you mix things with vyvanse that those side effects show up. Statistically sudden death has occurred, but not by vyvanse itself. Good cause to rare side effects and sudden death happens when the person taking it is young mixing energy drinks, and other meds or older with 6 other medications that interact with it. Besides a majority of people who had had cardiac arrest due to vyvanse could have a history of something else. I read a medical article of a child who died due to vyvanse but it wasn't the meds, it was another condition that showed up at the same time. I've also read another of a 49 year old male who took 70mg but then took 5 other medications and he had cardiac arrest. I mean this happens, you can be a fit person and still get a heart attack or cancer.

Be safe please. Don't abuse it. Research research research, and come to a sensible conclusion if you'd like to take vyvanse. Honestly it's been a life saver for me( landed a job, worked out my marriage, focused on life) and I have more positive benefits from it and I'm the exact person warned not to take it.

I just want to make sure anybody who is new to this drug is reassured that it's safe and not to worry.