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06-23-17, 02:46 PM
Alrighty, so I was prescribed 5mg Adderall IR 2x daily for a few months. Once I noticed it starting to lose its effectiveness, I asked my psych if I could try an XR version with a similar dosage. He gave me Adzenys, a newer chewable version that I guess his office was trying out because he gave me a big packet from the rep., 6mg once daily. It was more expensive than my other prescription, but it worked for about a month. I didn't see him for a while because I went on vacation and had to schedule and appointment later than I would have normally. At my last appointment I asked if I could switch to a slightly higher, generic version of Adderall XR because it'd be cheaper than Adxenys and he gave me 10mg Ritalin 2x daily.

So what should I expect from this switch?

Tomorrow is going to be my first day taking it and based on what I've read, I'm kinda skeptical that it's going to help me at all. This is a little frustrating for me because I feel like I've pretty much returned to baseline before I started treatment and school is going to start back up soon. I was really hoping to have something effective worked out before going back.

06-26-17, 03:52 PM

I took my first one as soon as I woke up and promptly fell back asleep. Taking the second one didn't really do anything for me. My organization and attentiveness at work have been abysmal. I help out in dining services at a nursing home and I ended up throwing two trays away instead of putting them in the sink. I only realized it after the fact when I was getting ready to take the trash out. At this point, I really can't say that it's helping me manage my ADD. The only difference, aside from inefficacy, that I've noticed is that Ritalin makes me more irritable than Adderall ever did. Silly things like being asked to move my car or to cover a shift have upset me. I'm debating rather to call my psych and see if I can get in before July 24th or just rough it out till then.

07-02-17, 07:27 AM
Why did your doctor completely switch classes of drugs?

07-09-17, 09:26 AM
He didn't give me a reason so I'm left to speculate. During my first visit I told him that my dad was taking Ritalin for ADD and during my last visit I told him I"d like to try something cheaper than Adzenys. I feel like those two factors led him to that decision, but like I said, this is only speculation.

I decided to try to get in earlier because of work related issues in case anyone was curious.

07-11-17, 07:20 AM
I think you need to go back and ask him why he switched you and tell him its not working.