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06-26-17, 02:42 PM
I am so disappointed with myself, and I feel that I can't accomplish anything. I am self-employed, and my dream is to be successful on my own. I'm starting to wonder if that will ever happen. I used to work at a job that I hated, but the structure kept me driven and organized. Without supervision, I can't get anything done. When I need to make a decision or do something, my mind can't focus. I'll keep telling myself that I'll do it in an hour, so that I don't have to think. An hour turns into 8 hours, then a week, and then a month. I can't decide what to do, and my head actually starts to hurt. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel like I only have superficial focus. I can think about things at a macro-level, but I can't go any deeper. An example would be if I wanted to change a software package that I use. I can make the decision to look at other options, but I can't handle the actual review process. It's too overwhelming to look at each one, compare/contrast features, and implement the change. From a mental standpoint, I can't handle it. My mind feels foggy and slow, and it's uncomfortable. I don't know what has happened to me, but it's like I am unable to do anything complex. Does this make sense to anyone? Can anyone relate?

06-26-17, 05:21 PM
I just felt like i am reading myself
I have depression , it was like yours "0 motivation"
and antidepressants which have dopaminergic effect worked on me , SSRIs and SNRIs didnt help a bit even

Wellbutrin worked on me before, now i am using stablon

Also i would like you to ask few things

u say that u cant do deeper , you cant decide what you should do, you cant do and you always delay your thing
you feel foggy and slow

when i was like you, i wasnt able to get shower even , i was waiting 2-3 days till taking shower ( normally i take every day)
i was so lazy to eat even, i was waiting till i feel hungry like monster
if you have work which has deadline , you wait till last minute?
you feel like you can't do anything , everything is so heavy?

it is something like, lets imagine that you are a car but there is no fuel in that car

if we are talking about same thing, i guess you are in depression

07-02-17, 04:17 PM
I am self-employed too and can not get my work done.
In my case I do not feel depressed. I am not feeling sad and I am interested in a lot of things. I only have the problem, that I can not start working, even if I am really motivated. The problem is getting started. Avolition is my problem, not sadness. But it is not avolition in relation to everything. For example I have enough drive to actually write here and I often have enough drive to do things, but in many cases those things are not the things I should do and not the tings I want to do.
It seems to be purely accidental if I have enogh drive to get started with something or not. This is, why I often don't do what I decide to do but what ever comes up.
I am not sure, if I found the right english words to explain what I mean.

Well, depression can be an explanation for not getting things done. In my case I believe itīs something else.

07-04-17, 11:15 AM
I went from a full time job to self employed (contract work) for 18 months and ultimately decided to go back to full time.

My kind of contracting doesn't require a ton of discipline but what I found was that the lack of structure and working from home caused me to 'drift' constantly. I'd think of a million other things I could be doing and would think I should be doing them because I had a flexible work schedule. Instead it would take me 10 hours to do 5 hours of work because I'd stop to do laundry, stop to do dishes, research something on the Internet, etc. I definitely didn't have the extra concentration to start any big projects. And I constantly worried about not having enough money because my paychecks were no longer regular (and I was making plenty).

Being self employed or consulting can be hard for someone with ADHD, it's important to put a schedule, deadlines, structure, in place for yourself. I never did that. I didn't fail but I constantly worried I would fail and I didn't use my free time for anything useful. My mind drifted constantly which drove me nuts.

I'm back to a full time job and have other ADHD related challenges to deal with but I love knowing a Saturday is a Saturday and during the week is when I go to the office and work my butt off and do (mostly) only that. The forced structure is very comforting for me.

Not sure if that helps!