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06-27-17, 04:59 PM
Hi all,

New to the forum and after a 7-8 year hiatus from medications stemed fro ma bad experience on Adderall 10mg IR, I am wanting to address my adhd and depression.

During my annual Physical, I told my P.A that since I have turned 30, I have become more aware of my ADHD and depression (diagnosed in 1st grade). She put me on Bupropion XL 150mg for 30 days and at that point go back and discuss how it worked. I've been on it for 10 days and I have only noticed that it has allowed me to "Snap out" of my depression funks more easily, but has done nothing to address my ADHD symptoms. When I asked her what side effects should I look out for, she said if my ADHD symptoms are worse, than it's not working.

How long does it take for Burpropion to have full effect. Considering everybody is different, I have read it takes about 3-4 weeks. At that point, what should I expect, or I guess what I am trying to say is, how will I know if it has begun working?

Thanks in advance,


06-28-17, 01:21 AM
2 - 4 weeks.

I hope you have GSK brand or Watson generic.

Most of the other generics are dodgy.

06-28-17, 08:15 AM
I started seeing it's effects at the first day , but i dont think that it can treat yoyr adhd alone,
Concerta&Wellbutrin combination was working perfect for me

But i can easiy say that Bupropion is more effective than all SSRI and SNRI

I wasnt able to sleep early at it's first week , i was sleeping really late
I think most common side effect is it about sleeping