View Full Version : Adderall and eating/studying/exam

06-28-17, 08:07 AM
Hi all!
I would love advice on two things... feeling sleepy and timing of meals.
I've been taking adderall IR here and there for a few years to help me study and recently got prescribed 10mg once per day, which has increased to 15mg once per day. Lately I've been having a protein bar and coffee after taking half the dose (7.5mg). Quite often after about 30 min-1 hour I'll suddenly feel so sleepy like I could fall asleep immediately. It'll usually subside after a while, but I lose so much time just trying to stay awake and maintain focus (I have to read a lot-- i'm preparing for the bar exam).

Has anyone else experienced this?

My second question is regarding meal timing/hunger. Sometimes I get really strong hunger pangs about 2 hours into studying. It drives me crazy because I almost ALWAYS have at least 3 hours between meals, so I'm not sure why this happens but it's super distracting. I'm worried about it happening during the exam (3 hours straight, 1 hr lunch break, 3 more hours).

Would I be best eating a larger meal super early, waiting a while, and then taking my dosage rather than having it right before a small meal (protein bar)? I'd love any tips or insight on this!! Thank you in advance! :)

Little Missy
06-28-17, 08:44 AM
no one ever believes me but steve, but with Adderall, when the urge to nap hits take a nap. we call it the Adderall nap!

i'll fall dead asleep for 10 or 15 minutes and wake up bolt upright and continue on. it works.