View Full Version : Age Discrimination _Pharmacist wont fill Adderall for Adults

06-28-17, 11:33 PM
Has anyone been told by a pharmacy they don't fill Adderall or other ADD\ADHD medication for adults?

So I lost my job a few years ago because my FMLA ran out. That's another convo. I'm on county insurance. ADD\ADHD medication isn't covered so I pay out of pocket.

I went to a Winn Dixie location because they along with Costco are the cheapest.

The store was out of stock and blah blah blah.

After some discussion, the other tech looks at my prescription and says, "What is your prescription for?"

She goes, "Oh Adderall! How old are you?"

I laughed and replied 44 because people ALWAYS mistake me for being at least 20 years younger.

Both the pharmacy techs then said, "She won't order it for you. She only fills Adderall for those under 18. " :eek:

I replied, "Isn't it up to my doctor to decide whether or not I should get it?"
One of them replied, "No. It's the pharmacist's decision because her name is on it."

So I can't get my medication filled at that location because I am an adult. This isn't a kids' pharmacy. It is a pharmacy for everyone.

They told me flat out that the pharmacy manager does NOT fill or order Adderall for anyone over 18 and it was useless for me to try and reason.

It's based solely on my age.

I suppose when a child with ADD\ADHD hits adulthood, their condition goes away. *rolls eyes*

This is age discrimination as far as I am concerned.
I can always take it to Walgreens even though they make me sick. Even though I get a prescription every month, I have never filled it every 30 days. Sometimes I wait a week or 2 or 3 before getting it refilled.

The prescription that I tried to fill was written on June 3rd. Today is the 28th.

Has anyone been told by a pharmacy they don't fill Adderall or other ADD\ADHD medication for adults? How can they just make a blanket statement like that?

06-29-17, 07:55 AM
Never. That has to be illegal or something. Find out who the manager is. Yes, its up to the discression of the pharmacist if your script was suspicious like she thought it was being sold, abused or misused. But a flat out policy is her making up her own rules. Find out their corporate information and a manager and start being a pain in the butt.

Little Missy
06-29-17, 10:09 AM
just go back to the pharmacy you usually use.

06-30-17, 01:07 PM
So this pharmacist won't fill Adderall for adults with other disorders such as narcolepsy? Basing it solely on age is just plain wrong.

I would go back and ask for that pharmacist's license # as well as the district and corporate level pharmacy managers. I've done this before over the years when a pharmacist gets out of line. Asking for their license # really gets their attention. They know the only reason a person would ask for that is because they want to file a complaint with the state pharmacy board.

07-01-17, 01:16 PM
ANY pharmacist that refuses to fill ANY script written by a licensed MD is very much in danger of losing their license, especially if they are basing the decision solely on a persons age.

People have to remember, a pharmacist is NOT a doctor and their main function is to look for a drug interactions that might occur and answer questions about possible side effects that one might experience from a particular medication. To be perfectly frank, I believe most spend their day checking to see if the right pills were put in the right bottle by the pharmacy technician.

Obviously if they have a reasonable suspicion the script has been forged or tampered with, or if your state has a prescription monitoring program that raises a red flag, they would have the right and the duty not to fill it. Even in these cases though, a simple call to the physician that wrote the script would probably clear things up.

07-05-17, 09:45 PM
I am happy to say the issue is now resolved.

I sent them customer feedback through their website. My message was 2 sentences.
I'm filing a complaint against you. What you're doing is age discrimination.

Store manager called me back today. He told me he would email the district manager about it because Pharmacy does its own thing. District manager called me back. Called the pharmacy then called me back again.

He told me the pharmacy will fill my prescriptions going forward. He told me when I drop it off next month, to stop by and see the store manager to get a free $20 gift card.

AED1955- Pharmacy Board was my next stop. I had actually emailed them asking for info on how to file a complaint because the links were taking me to the wrong page.