View Full Version : Adderall to Vyvanse--loving it

06-30-17, 09:39 AM
I just recently switched from Adderall IR 20mg am 10mg pm to Vyvanse 40mg five days ago. I love it so far, I don't get the intense high that I got when I first started adderall and am perfectly fine with that. It gives me a steady determined focus that I haven't had in quite some time on adderall. I have been getting things done and organized that was far past due! The only complaint I have right now is my sleeping pattern this past week. I have been up until 2-3am and have to be up at 6 for work, but I have been getting crap done at that time instead of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook!
Don't get me wrong adderall work for me for a couple years and I think it did its job for the most part, but it just was t cutting it for me any more! I am so happy my dr agreed to switch it up! I really hope it stays this way!

07-01-17, 06:20 PM
My old doctor who originally prescribed me Adderall also suggested I try switching to Vyvanse if the Adderall doesn't work and/or has troubling side effects. It worked great at 30mg XR for a while. But it's now about 4.5 months later (much less than your 2 years) and even at as high as 50mg/day, the Adderall has lost it's effectiveness.

After reading
do I seem like the kind of person who, like you, would do better on Vyvanse?

Or, if I'm already tolerant to Adderall, would I also be tolerant to the Vyvanse at the same dose level?

07-09-17, 12:53 AM
When I was on adderall I started on XR and just wasn't cutting it for me! I had terrible crash in the late afternoon! My dr switched me to IR 3 times a day and that worked great for a while!
Adderall IR is much cheaper that XR or Vyvanse. You may try that first and if it doesn't work then try Vyvanse.

07-11-17, 07:17 AM
Its good that vyvanse is working out for you. IME its very hit or miss.