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06-30-17, 10:47 AM
I wanted to update everyone that is interested in my experience with IMPAX.

See for my progression. This is the first time my dose helped:

So, I finally think I'm headed in the right direction. Impax 10mg XR has given me some relief. (I guess that is "why in the world" my doc wanted me to try it)

The first day, I felt a tad nauseous, so I thought. It was more that I found food repulsive. I was very aware that this was a first. I also knew that it could have been a coincidence. 2nd day, I keen noticed that I didn't want to be around or smell food. It passed after a hour or so, but it was the same every day. It was also the first time I felt anything, so in a strange way, I was hopeful. I tackled a difficult policy edit and submission. While I was working on it, I tried to notice if I was more focused. I remember thinking that this was all crazy, that nothing helped. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. Did I expect some magical helpers to come and take over? LOL So, I worked. I finished, I submitted and not until later did it dawn on me. I didn't procrastinate. I didn't agonize. I just worked like a normal person. Nobody did the work for me. There were no choirs on angels singing, I just did it. I didn't congratulate myself, either. It did what everyone else in the world, apparently, does. Did my task and moved on.

So, this is how normal people function? :D

I never felt a surge of euphoria, or anything magical, or drug induce, or anything. I felt a tad not hungry, but who knows it that was related. I just was able to be normal, do y task to the best of my ability and get it done.

07-10-17, 09:49 PM
I knew that's the one I need and now you have confirmed. I have a list of the different manufacturers that I have had starting from January. And it wasn't by choice. Jan was 15mg XR Impax, and I remember I liked it, but it wasn't lasting me all day. I went to the Dr and was given 20mg XR to try. I received 20mg XR Sandoz, and had awful side effects so i stopped taking them and had to see a cardiologist. I can't remember nor can I find a pharmacy where I filled a March Rx. In April I had 15mg XR Actavis, which brought back my anxiety. In May I had 15mg XR Prasco and I thought it was like if I just licked the pill. (Except now i know it has a little of something in it because I've been off for a couple of days and now I know that even Prasco is better than nothing.) June I had 15mg XR Sando and it's just like Prasco, which is why i'm off of them. I was trying to go without for several days to see if I could live with it and stop trying to find a pharmacy that carries Impax. I've asked the pharmacies if they could order it and have been told NO, they don't do that anymore. Thank you, because now I know that I need to continue to search for it.

07-15-17, 09:48 AM
Do you live close to a hospital that has a pharmacy? You could speak to the pharmacist there and ask for them to make sure that they fill your prescription with imp brand. You post helped me make a decision. I'm going to speak to the pharmacist where I got the impax. it is a specialty pharmacy where they cater to cancer patients and it at the hospital. I will stop by and tell them when I bring my prescription that I'd like the impax brand. I will let them know that I will wait the day or 2 that it may take to get it. If she agrees, I'll let my doc know that I need my prescription a couple of days early. They are in the same building, so she can confirm that it the reason I'd like the prescription early, although I doubt it will be a problem. I'll let you know how I make out. I am going to ask my doc to allow me to try 20XR next time.