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06-30-17, 02:14 PM
Volunteering is a great thing to do with excess energy!

Make sure it's something you like.

I volunteer at a cat shelter. It rocks like Guitar Hero. Not only are the cats great and loads of fun , but the human friends I've made are people you meet nowhere else but at a cat shelter.

We do fundraisers like motorcycle runs and Chinese auctions, and the occasional garage sale.

And we help lotsa cats. Many of them are sick, and most have been abandoned. And when they get adopted it's so bittersweet.

Any volunteer job will involve something you love to do (interacting with the cats) and something harder and/or less pleasant, but necessary (cleaning litterboxes, carrying industrial- sized bags of food and litter up the stairs) and you'll have rules to follow.

The idea is...go and help. Work hard. And have fun!

06-30-17, 02:49 PM
:goodpost: I volunteer at a rescue kennels because I can't get to a cat rescue where I live. :grouphug:

06-30-17, 03:00 PM
Mostly I'm needed at home as I have an autistic granddaughter.

But I did check with a couple of places last year to see if someone in a wheel-
chair could volunteer there. Not really. Because of back pain I can only stand
or walk for a few minutes.

07-01-17, 07:19 AM
I dont have an official volunteering place but because I got sober through a 12 step program I look at my help and work with other alcoholics to be like volunteering. Ive taken people to crisis centers, treatment, given rides, etc. Its extremely rewarding.

Free to Fly
07-29-17, 10:37 AM
Don't forget food banks, we have one where I live that also provides books, toys, clothing, and referrals to other services. Have volunteered with them for 30 years.

07-29-17, 11:15 AM
Community gardens are my current favorite weekly spaces to volunteer. Seeing the look on kids, and some adults, faces when they realize food comes from somewhere other than the grocery store shelf is a great feeling. Having them help with the whole process up until it's eaten, donated, bartered for other goods, and/or sold makes it even sweeter. Would love to see them catch on and spread like wild fire.