View Full Version : Breakthrough! Anxiety Gone!

06-30-17, 06:40 PM
So I had terrible problems with anxiety while on stimulants.

After 2 years of suffering and searching for answers, I finally found a breakthrough.
It's called "Guanfacine".

I came across tons of positive reviews by people taking it to combat the anxiety, and other nasty side-effects caused by stimulants.
So I knew I had to ask my doctor to let me give it a try, because nothing was working.

Since starting 1mg of Guanfacine HCL ER alongside my stimulant, I've gotten my life back.
It's eliminated my anxiety, and reduced almost every nasty side-effect stimulants were causing me.

Just wanted to offer some hope for those who are feeling hopeless, and are desperate to find an answer.
Also no sexual-side effects!

07-05-17, 06:14 PM
Thank you! Had you taken anti-anxiety meds in the past with less success? I'm taking Citalopram (and have been since before I started Vyvanse 7 years ago) but I looked up Guanfacine at your recommendation, and I really like the fact that it focuses on impulse control as that is something I suffer from greatly. It looks like there's a counter-indication for taking it with other anti-anxiety meds,but I'm reluctant to stop taking my celexa since it does an ok job.

09-28-17, 10:19 AM
I came upon guanfacine as the (theoretical) ideal medication of choice for me, unfortunately its not refunded for adults in my country and my doc has no experience with guanfacine.

I notice people come here with their problems, more than with their solutions (which makes sence because then theyre busy doing life). So its good to read something has worked for you.

In lay terms it lowers norepinephrine levels in the prefrontal cortex, norepinephrine is your alarm! Neurotransmitter; makes you anxious and produces a fight/flight/freeze effect. So in theory it should make you less anxious IF your anxiousness was due to an elevated level of norepinephrine in the first place.

10-12-17, 09:31 AM
Would it be safe to take alongside Citalopram?