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07-02-17, 01:19 AM
And it was wonderful!
One of the most soul warming things I've done in many years.

If you guys ever get a chance to go to a Build-A-Bear Workshop I can't recommend it enough!! Do it for yourself, do it for a child, do it for a loved it for a friend! You can build small bears for as cheap as $20-$30...though you can spend as much as $60 or more (like I did) on a bigger/deluxe bear with some it is a bit pricey I guess...but omg! It's SO worth it!

Me and my dad took a trip recently to the Mall Of America. Freaking LOVED the trip (except for a big fight we got into on our way there). Very first thing we decided to do at the mall...was to go build a bear for my mom.
It was an idea I had just a couple days go build a bear in honor of my mommy.

We get into the store and they have something like 30 different stuffed animals to choose from. So many cute ones! Of course they had some cute regular teddy bears, but also dogs, cats and bunnies. They also had lots of themed teddy bears...ones that were dressed and looked like characters from comic books (spider-man, iron man, guardians of the galaxies, hulk etc etc) and star wars and the ninja turtles. They had my little ponies and olaf from the Frozen movie (the snowman) and care bears too! And finally they had some really cute dragons and dinosaurs.

Literally from the millisecond I stepped foot into that large shop...I had a giant grin on my face stretching from ear to ear!
And a lot of times when I do things like this...I'm self conscious about it and feel embarrassed about it...cause I'd be doing it for myself, and come my age shouldn't so childish...right?
Well I wasn't doing this for me...I was doing it for my mom...and I was SO proud and SO excited!

I at first wanted to keep it within a $50 budget. They had a small orange tiger cub for $22 I was thinking about. My mom's favorite animal has always been tigers, and her favorite color is this would've worked. felt a bit too simple. Too unoriginal. Too expected. Plus it was too small of a stuffed animal, and not the right shape, to be able to use a lot of the accessories and clothes you can buy in addition to the bears.

They use to have a Darth Vader (from star wars) build-a-bear...and this would've been perfect! My mom LOOOOOOOOVED all things Darth Vader!
She was all darkside all the time! (hah! No wonder her and I clashed from time to time!).
Alas...they're retired Vader awhile back and no longer had him (though you can still buy him online).
But my dad did chirp in and say...
Why don't we build mom that Darth Vader? As he pointed to Kylo Ren ( poor dad never understood me and my mom's obsession with star wars. Never got into it at all...even when he was a kid in the late 70's. Just not his cup of tea). I had to explain that that wasn't Vader...but yeah, my mom was a big fan of Kylo too. I've SO been looking forward to the new star wars films with my I've been convinced that my mom was going to eventually fall even more so in love with Kylo by the end of it all...then she has been in love with Vader. /sigh...:(

I was a bit sad that it wasn't Vader...but I was happy it was a big, deluxe figure...and I made a mental note right then and there that I wasn't even going to concern myself with the final price of the bear at that point. I knew I had way more than enough to cover it, and I also knew that it was something special enough where I didn't want to constrain myself in such a way if I didn't need to.

So to the stuffing station I went! I waited for about 10 minutes as the stuffers were all busy, but I was more than okay with that! It gave me a few minutes to find a sound thingy to put into the bear! lol they had all these little buttons that produced sounds you could have placed into the palm of your bear's paw.
There were TONS to choose from. Some of them had giggling sounds to make your bear giggle, some of them were of child songs or themed songs (like from frozen or my little ponies), one of them even let you record your own saying.
They also had TONS of themed sounds from the comicbook heroes and such.

But I knew just the one I wanted!
They had Darth Vader's Breathing!!

So a stuffer came over and it turns out she was a HUGE star wars nerd too! She was real great and even though she did this day in and day out goodness only knows how many times a day...she was fantastic! She made me feel freaking special I was the only person in the room that was important...that my bear was unique and I don't know...she was just so excited and kind and bursting with fun! What a perfect lady for the job! She had me pick out a stuffed heart and then she took my mom's bear and stuffed it...only I got to step on the pedal that caused the stuffing to go into the bear which was fun.
Then she had me take the heart and rub it between my hands to make it nice and warm, then place it on my head to give it some good thoughts, place it above my heart to give it some love, then take it and close my eyes and give it a big kiss and make a wish.
I then handed her the heart which she placed inside my mom's bear and then sewwed the bear up.
It was really touching and really special...even though my dad thought it was a bit too silly.
My mom would've LOVED this part of the process the most!
Come to think of mom would've been an amazing build-a-bear stuffer too!

Then it was off to go look at accessories and clothes for the bear! lol :D
Well...first of all...Kylo HAD to have his signature tri-blade lightsaber of bad-a##ness! lols :D It even lights up!!!
And then...omg...OMG! haha! What?!?
They had a little Darth Vader costume you could buy to make your build-a-bears look like him! It came with a little outfit with all of his buttons and vents and stuff on his costume...and it was even complete with his signature black cape!'s what came with the clothes that just made the whole thing extra special!
It came with a mask of Darth Vader!
LMFAO omg I just couldn't believe it! I don't know if you get the significance of that...but if you're into Star Wars, you so get how freaking awesome this is!
A Kylo Ren build-a-bear...complete with his light saber and Darth Vader's mask!
haha I could so absolutely feel my Mom just completely beaming down on me! I don't know the last time I'd grinned at something so deeply!
I got just the biggest kick out of this!! haha omg wow! :D Just so perfect!

And with that I went to check out. Only when I got there, they informed me that I forgot to go make a Birth certificate and to name the bear! haha I completely missed it!
SO glad I didn't skip this part! I went to a computer and typed in all the info...named the bear Darth Pumpkin...because Pumpkin was my dad's nickname for my mom that she adored, and because...well...Darth! lols...and Darth isn't a first name, but rather more of a title. So it's not like Darth Vader is his first and last's more like Darth is a tittle for Dark it's like Dark Lord Vader.
Dark Lord Pumpkin.
Darth Pumpkin.
Doesn't have to make sense to anyone else. All I know is my mom would've loved it! lol
Then it got all printed out as a birth certificate...and it wasn't on just some cheap flimsy paper's on some nice thick paper. I'm hoping to have it framed for my mom!

And...with that...and about $75 later...I present to you...

Darth Pumpkin, in honor of my Mom:

Sorry the images suck. Taken with my old cellphone at my hotel room at night...couldn't get good lighting for the life of me! lol

What a magical experience this was for me though! Really an experience I'll cherish forever. One of the many highlights of my life!

07-02-17, 02:33 AM
OMG the cuteness!!! I love the little mask it fits perfectly. Do they have every accessory in every size so it fits every bear?

I love that they've got fur colour om the birth certificate. That is so adorable.

I'm going to build a bear too some day. :)

07-02-17, 03:08 AM
AwwwwWww that is so lovely, psycho :grouphug:

07-02-17, 06:12 AM
What a lovely gesture:)
Goodness, all the times i walked past that store (on my way to old navy), when visiting my mom, i wish id have known that it was possible for adults

07-02-17, 07:44 AM
Having something physical that can represent someone after they die can be really healing. Its a way for you to "care" for that person maybe in an way you felt like you didnt do a good job of when they were still here, or continue the care you did give. It reminds me of Totems. Like some people are represented by certain animals, signs, gems or other wordly things. Psycho this is a really smart thing for you to have done. Whether intended or not- you are helping your heart heal and giving your grief an eviction notice while helping to open your heart to receive peace.
And you deserve peace.
Everyone deserves happiness but the wounded also deserve peace.

07-02-17, 09:13 AM
Too cute and a lovely gesture. My daughter used to love build-a-bears. She had soooo many her bedroom was over run with them. :)

07-02-17, 01:09 PM
I just looked up kylo ren and the teddy looks totally like him. How amazing! !! :lol::