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07-02-17, 09:52 PM
The paradox of Hyperfocus is that it comes to Them who don't.

Art Title: Hyperfocus g?dl=0

(PS: As a LA4, i can go into up to Zone 2, the highest i have been to. Those of you, here, LA1s and LA2s and LA3s may have gone even higher ,if such a Zone exist , i wont know).

Also, this is a photo Composite, so a lot of the resources are taken from Google search.

This will be the last piece of the puzzle that i tell my friends on social network that i have ADHD(ADD PI) in an encrypted way. This post is supposedly intended
to make them wonder what is Hyperfocus. Then, they do a google search 'hyperfocus', and KABOOM!!! It dawns on them what i have.

The following was my previous piece with a small fiction story attached. With alot of chemical and neurological shenanigans, i don't think anyone of them could decrypt what condition i have except for a handful of them.

Art Title: Rain Man: LA4 was born. g?dl=0

Fiction essay attached:

7.2 to 13 percent of any human population, regardless of race or country, they are Rain Man.
B: Metzan.
Doctor X :Yes.
B: Scalp holder.
Doctor X: Yes.
Buddha: Inserting electrodes.
C: Broca's language region, decrease Propofol.
Doctor X : Yes. Propofol has been reduced.
Doctor X : He is awake.
B: Ask him some questions.
Doctor X :What is your name?
LA4: Murasaki Honda David Z.
Doctor House: Patterns of Split Personality Disorder.
B: Removing Dopamine, Start 1.5L of ABC.
Doctor X : Prefrontal Cortex is shutting down, spike in limbic and right brain activity.
Doctor House : depression and anxiety regions active.
C: 0.25mg benzodiazapine.
Doctor X : Yes.
B: Ask him some questions.
Doctor X : Tell us more about yourself.
LA4 : .......
Doctor X : youl have a girlfriend or someone you like?
LA4 : Yea, Mary.......erm...Cynthia.
Doctor House : Oh, really? Where is she now?
LA4 : In my head.
Doctor House : Well, ****.
Doctor X : Please choose your word!!!!
C: Inserting Delta waves.
Doctor House : That is alot of *******ed Delta waves, no pun intended.
Doctor X : Red on depression and anxiety regions, dangerous levels of dopamine.
B: 40mg of escitalopram.
Doctor X : Yes. Certainly.
Doctor House : Prefrontal Cortex is shutting down.
C: Start him on d-m***************.
Doctor X : Yes. Certainly.
Doctor House : Serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine all dropping to dangerous levels.
B: Increase Dex to 35mg.
Doctor X : Yes. Dex to 35mg. I will increase it.
Doctor House : Muscle spasms and tremors, serotonin syndrome shock!!!
B: Xanax 1mg, Propanalol 100mg.
Doctor X : Yes.
B: Ask some questions.
Doctor House : Tell us more about yourself, LA4, like what do you want to be?
LA4 : Make Me KING!!!!!!
Doctor House : What kind of bigoted egoism is this?
Doctor X : Your mouth...
Doctor House : BP and Heart rate increasing rapidly!!
B: Give himl 10mg of Shaketalin. Operation Successful.
Doctor House: What the actual ****?
Doctor X : Your mouth...!!!
(Graphics by ArtofLwin, LA4)