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07-03-17, 11:08 AM
Starting a new thread on this. How does everyone deal with distractions at work?

I'm having a really hard time at my new job due to tech and music distractions. My company plays music through speakers on my floor at all times with lyrics. It's so distracting. Some people think it's funny how much I hate it but I'm actually getting offended that someone doesn't realize how difficult it would be for a person with ADHD.

We also have a gazillion social collaboration tools. Little notification alerts go off constantly. I've decided to turn it all off and explain to people that if they need something from me, the need to set up a meeting. Mentioning that I have to do something on a chat app does not count.

So basically I am saying that I have decided to set boundaries and I'm not sure how it will go over with people at work. I'm not going to tell anyone I have ADHD I'm just going to explain that this is what I need in order for everyone to get the most out of me. Anyone have a similar experience?

07-04-17, 12:59 AM
I don't have those exact distractions at my present job but was distracted by noise at another job and it was hard! I cannot study at home so when in nursing school when I would go to coffee shops to study, I perceived some of the music so loud that I could not study there either so I started to take earplugs to study or play music with no lyrics through earbuds.

Can you wear earplugs or play music with no lyrics through earbuds?

Good call on not telling anyone at work about your ADHD. I think setting boundaries that will help you be be the best worker you can be should be applauded and accepted.

Good luck!!

07-04-17, 10:43 AM
FinallyFound10 your list of diagnoses sounds just like mine ;)

Thank you for empathizing. Sounds similar to my sensitivity to certain noises. If the music doesn't have lyrics I'm ok.

I can wear noise cancelling headphones but I find them bothersome, they start to hurt my ears. I am one of those people who gets bugged by things on my ears for too long, tags, tightly fitting sunglasses, etc. However, it helps if there is no other option.

Thanks for the support on setting boundaries. I think I can pull it off. If I am authentic with following through on doing the work (and I always do, aka fear of rejection) people will adjust to my way of working.

07-04-17, 11:16 AM
Wow I would not like music with lyrics, at work!
unless it's something I choose myself, when my 2 officemates are away, and generally I stream classical music

We have that "lync" chat system and i dont always see the messages; and everyone seems ok with that if they ask me for something I will say "send me an email, so I'll remember".

I like a busy background like in a coffee shop; but colleagues discussing an issue in my office or right outside can be very distracting

I think its better if you say something right away, and are consistent, rather than "pretend" to be ok with a system that just doesnt work.

07-05-17, 07:52 AM
if it were me.... i'd get some zone action happening..... maybe a timer and some earmuffs ( et. al. ) 40 mins zone time.... and equal communal time....

if the role was narrow focus only.... or there are heaps of interruptions...... callenging to say the least!

07-08-17, 11:21 AM
Yesterday I worked from home and got a ton done. I'm going to work from home 1 day a week moving ahead so that I can have that catch up time.

I also 'muted' all the group channels in Slack. Can I just say that I hate Slack! The absolute worst tool for people with ADHD.

08-08-17, 07:41 PM
Eliminate as many distractions as possible. I put my cell phone in the med room so it's not always with me at my desk.

You won't be able to get rid of all of the distractions of course. We ADHDer's simply need to be awake to be distracted, but the worst offending items that can be eliminated should be eliminated.