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07-03-17, 01:01 PM
Hi everyone! I am a 26 year old who works in a very fast paced and stressful industry (technical recruiting) and I was diagnosed in 2nd grade with ADD (now ADHD). I have been on pretty much every medication, and I have been off for a couple of years because the side effects of the stims were awful. Two months ago my doctor decided to start me on Adderall XR and I went from 15mgs to 30mgs.

I had an EKG before being prescribed at my request because I just wanted to check out my heart before getting back on stims, just felt like a good idea. EKG was totally normal- I have a very mild murmur but that is it.
The first month of being on Adderall my heart rate was crazy. 100bpm during the day and 120bpm when it wears off. I tested it off the Adderall and it was about 75-80bpm. I should probably mention I am physically pretty healthy- Iím 5í8 and about 145 lbs and pretty active. I have mild hyperthyroidism, but my doctor says its barely above normal levels so for now just keeping an eye on it.

The high heart rate scared me, and it was pretty uncomfortable so I went back to my doctor and she gave me Propranolol 10mgs to take up to 3x a day. Heart is back to normal and a bunch of the other physical side effects of Adderall are gone like shakiness and seems to help with irritability too.

Anyways, my point being is long term is this a healthy combo? Iím still a little concerned about my heart- my doctor did not seem too worried. I am afraid I have a heart issue that was not picked up on an EKG. I am a healthy 26 year old it seems silly to take beta blockers to counter the effects of another medicine. Also, I really want to start working out again, I would like to in the evening. The reason I have not is because before the Propranolol my heart rate was too high, but now since it is calmed down is that safe? Before I would take my Adderall around 8:30 am and the therapeutic benefits would be long gone but I still had a racy heart even by the time I went to bed.

07-03-17, 01:43 PM
Drugs. com shows no unwanted interactions between adderall and propranolol.

Some people are taking propranolol off-label to treat adhd, so it sounds like a
good combination.

In your case, the heart rate is definately something to monitor. I recently got
a finger monitor that shows heart rate and oxygen levels. Good investment
along with my blood pressure monitor.

Don't know if propranolol would have helped with my adhd symptoms as I had
an allergic reaction (swollen tongue and lips) and had to stop after 2 weeks.