View Full Version : What supplements do you take with Dexedrine IR

07-05-17, 05:40 PM
I have some supplements which I use or don't use depending if I want to since I hate taking so many pills/capsules/tablets/etc. per day. I already take 3 x 10mg dex tabs + 2 chantix + 4 fish oil capsules as these 3 are a MUST.

I also have GABA 750mg,Vitamin C,5HTP,Magnesium which just finished

I bought these when I was taking Vyvanse and still have a lot of GABA left as I read one time that gaba+vitamin c+5htp virtually eliminates vyvanse from body at night before bed...and it seemed that it does.Are any of the above useful or negative to take with(meaning on the same day of-not with dex dose)Dexedrine and why would it help or harm me?


07-06-17, 03:05 AM
I have to take certain supplements due to nutrition issues but I will share what I take anyhow:
vitamin c
vitamin d3
Vitamin b, b12, b6
fish oil
frolic acid
chealted magnesium
prenatal multi

I cant say if these have any bearing on my adhd. I do know that its better to split up the vitamin c and calcium so I take the vitamin c, melatonin and magnesium at night.

07-06-17, 03:05 AM
OMG- not frolic acid! FOLIC acid.

07-06-17, 08:47 AM
There is no right and wrong....... well...... technically there is a wrong but a good doctor should spot those before your body does, as long as they are informed......

But yeah. Most docs I talk to in this area really don't care to go there. And I think there are some good reasons for that, in the broad context.

Regarding your question....... my research led me to form a personal belief that 5htp was potentially not the best for my neurochemistry.... at the very least...... under my definition...... it doesn't fit the term suppliment...... YMMV. As a sidenote.... I believe excercise and it's ability to kickstart bodily endocrinatic processes, is the most powerful suppliment a human can get ;)

Having said that, I believe there is validity in the need for more understanding, research and attention to these matters, throughout the treatment cycle.