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07-06-17, 11:38 AM
I am a designer, 26 years of age and have recently been diagnosed. I work in a startup and the work environment is great. No timings. Cool boss. My manager believes in my ability and has previously mentioned that he sees immense potential in me.

But I am having a tough delivering anything done at work, there are days when I am unable to work at all and I later go on a guilt trip for not having done any work.

I force myself to be seated but I end up opening other chrome tabs and finding excuses to get off my seat.

My boss has already told me to accelerate and push the deliverables faster. However, I don't feel motivated to do anything at all. Instead, I try and avoid having review meetings with my boss. And feel intimidated later when he asks for the deliverables. I also feel I am low on self-confidence and have a tough time presenting my work.

How do I deal with so much? I don't wanna get fired. Help!

07-08-17, 11:10 AM
Hi there! Do you take medication? I'm not endorsing it or encouraging you to do so but when I started taking medication (Adderall IR 10mg 3x/day) my entire world changed. I was successful before but I was limited. On medication, my ADHD symptoms don't prevent me from taking on additional responsibilities (like managing a person).

All that being said, before I was diagnosed (which was only a few years ago) I knew I had a problem and had learned to cope with it at work by setting reminders for everything and by creating a task list in Outlook and in my notebook. It's sounds like you are using Google Apps (Chome tabs) - that suite of tools is total crap for people with ADHD. I learned to cope with it by using Google Keep and setting reminders to show up in my Calendar. There is another better task management tool called Omni Focus that I am going to get (but have procrastinated for 2 weeks on, ha ha!). Also set time in your calendar to do things and write it in all CAPS to yell at yourself if it's important:)

I still get up from my seat a lot. At least once an hour if not more (to get water, a snack, go to the bathroom). That doesn't bother me, I just do it. I still get my work done.

I also struggle with presenting my work and speaking in meetings. The medication helps with that.

It's impossible to force yourself to be someone you are not but you can force yourself to use an organizational tool like the calendar. Start with that and go from there!

07-08-17, 02:16 PM
I don't enjoy that feeling of having absolutely no motivation and knowing that something has to be done. Yes medication helps, although now that I've taken it for a while it's not as good as it once was. Still not bad.

Also having a boss that is hovering looking at your performance can be a daunting prospect.

I really don't have much more to offer.

07-10-17, 11:47 PM
I still have a problem with punctuality. it's improving but my history has already put my job at desk and trust me, it's done a number on my emotions. Which is sad because my co-workers and supervisors love me. My hyperactivy actually is needed which is kinda coo. Theirs quite addherz at my job (let's just say it's government job that requires a lot of attitude and energy is something goes down). At work sometimes when I get in my zone where I can't focus or feel "distracted because of my energy" I usually one of my addhers for a pick me(we peep each other up and if I can over the work phone I help them and they help (if the task is similar to what your doing) talking to another person while doing a task (at least for me is helpful cuz they can 'remind me' and I them if we go off on tangents. A doctor friend and I, when Workin the same unit, do this all the time (we walk to each each other) he checks on me I, check on him and we get our work done. He knows when I'm in those modes (he a doctor lol) but he notices i get more high strung and moveable when I need a cigarette so he gives me nicorette(we can't smoke at our job). Another doc I know ( if u need to stay at a desk) has a desk that moves up and down. So when he gets in those modes, he lift the desk up and stands moves his legs around and he can work and move around and still get his. This gets u moving while working so it kills two birds with one stone. Hopefully you can find this helpful.

07-11-17, 09:04 AM
I do not take any medication...I have used Google Keep previously and it definitely helps...I should probably make habit of scheduling all my tasks a day before.

I was told ADHD is not a big deal. But I feel it can get to you, it's just frustrating at times.

Thank you for the tips! :)

07-13-17, 04:05 AM
Yet again I must apologize for my grammar and misspellings. It's hard to see things on my phone. Still unable to edit my post