View Full Version : Travelling: In which European country might I get a Dexedrine script?

07-07-17, 03:18 AM
I'm going traveling, abroad, indefinitely. No plan, no schedule. This is highly complicated by the schedule 2 nature of stimulants.

I'll be in Europe for a while and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with an American getting an appointment with a psychiatrist and a script for a month supply of Dexedrine? Which country/countries might this be met with the least resistance/ignorance? Which doctors/health systems might be accessible to an American?

I've traveled before but never with such a challenge as this. If all else fails, it may be easiest to figure out how to wean myself off. Japan, at least, is off limits until such time.

07-07-17, 11:25 AM
Why not ask your current prescriber?

07-07-17, 11:29 AM
I've had success getting 3 months' worth of scripts for stimulants in advance (from my US doctor/pharmacy) when traveling abroad.

That involved getting pre-authorization from my insurance (with documentation of my travel plans/duration) and warning the pharmacy in advance that I'd need a larger-than-usual quantity so they could have enough on hand to fill the script.

I have no insights into how to manage scripts if you'll be gone longer than that.

Good luck, and safe travels!