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07-07-17, 03:28 PM
If you had 3 wishes and they were guaranteed to come true, what would you wish for?

The rules are:

1) You cannot wish harm or death on anybody.

2) You can only wish for things that exist (so you can't wish things like pink and purple polka dot unicorns into existence)

3) You cannot wish for more wishes, once all 3 wishes are used up you cannot have any more wishes

4) You are allowed to wish for positive things for other people, like you can wish for positive things for yourself.

Okay so my wishes:

1) That people on this forum weren't struggling so much

2) That a cat rescue would open up in town so I could get there easily and not have to rely on stupid bus service

3) That I could get to driving test standard and pass my tests first time. (and yes this counts as one wish)

07-11-17, 05:11 PM
I don't even know. I do know I'm super self-ish and shallow though, so 1 of the 3 wishes would be the completely generic "being rich" wishes.
I know what they say about how money can't buy happiness...but I will say that the times in my life where I actually have disposable cash...are strictly better than those times where cash is tight.
What a stupid saying. I mean I guess technically it's can't buy "happiness" with money cause happiness isn't a physical thing to be bought. But money CAN buy me plenty of things and services that very much so induce happiness.

I can't think of what to do with my other 2 wishes off the top of my head.

Something about world hunger or peace or something for 1 of the wishes...if it were possible.
Maybe a wish about finding sustainable food sources, or energy or something...and having an unlimited supply of it that would be free to everyone everywhere.
I don't know.

07-12-17, 04:24 AM
Agree here, money can't buy happiness, though they can buy some kind of comfort and security, so it's only natural.

Once I tried to make up a list of ten wishes to understand myself better and set some goals and arrange my thoughts and life in general. So here is my top three:

1) Wish that Trump was not re-elected
2) Become more aware of ecological problems and make my contribution to the cause
3) To move somewhere in Spain (cities and houses there look so beautiful and serene ) and start working there as a teacher of English

fingers crossed :D

07-12-17, 12:25 PM
3) To move somewhere in Spain (cities and houses there look so beautiful and serene ) and start working there as a teacher of English

What you see online:

What you end up with:

hehe Just kidding :p

I actually live in some beautiful apartments...if only I'd take care of it better :mad:. :doh:

Little Nut
07-13-17, 01:31 PM
Sorry MS only 1 wish off the top of my head. Don't want to spend time deliberating the other 2, but will post if somethin' else comes to mind.

1) To be aware of the larger concerns that I don't think I can address that I actually can still address. (Does this make sense? Met a friend for a cupla coffees and the caffeine is still intense.)

2) TBD

3) TBD