View Full Version : Finally found a mascara that works with tics!

07-08-17, 06:11 PM
Maybe a bit off topic, but as a woman who has lived with Tourettes Syndrome for 40 years, I know that makeup can be problematic when you have facial tics. I've never found much about the topic online, and people who take stims for ADD/ADHD may find they're more prone to blinking and other facial tics.

I just received a mascara in my Birchbox that absolutely doesn't give me "raccoon eyes" no matter how much I blink, even at the end of the day when my tics are off the charts. It's called Fabulous Flocking Lashes, but after doing some research, it turns out that other mascaras of the same type may work as well. The class of mascaras is called "tube mascara"; it doesn't liquify or turn dusty when it gets wet or rubbed. Instead, it develops a skin kind of like acrylic paint (or the top of pudding LOL). Not only does this let it create thick lashes, but it means it won't smudge off. When you remove it, it comes off in big pieces, which sounds gross, but that's worth it to us blinky people! When this one runs out, I'll be trying other "tube" mascaras to see if they're as blink-proof.

09-10-17, 06:35 PM
Well i am extremely happy that you have found this "tube" mascaras, awesome find! I am not a women but it does sound frustrating.