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07-11-17, 05:21 PM
I just like to toot my own horn once a year about my quit :).

No big speeches today. Just tooting my horn all loudly and proudly declaring that today is my 7th year of N.O.P.E.!! (Not One Puff Ever).
July 11, 2010 was a date that forever changed me for the better. It was the day I started on my forever quit. I've held onto it through some amazing times, and some pretty rough times in there as well...but through it all I'm still very much so in love with my quit. I never viewed my quit like an enemy that i needed to struggle with like I see so many people suffer through...but rather as a friend. I love my quit and hold onto it tight. My quit isn't something to be afraid of and to fight...but something to love and to cherish.
I love being smoke free.
I love my quit.
7 years.
7 is my favorite number!

Not One Puff Ever.


07-11-17, 06:36 PM
Congrats...only 3 more years, and your lungs will be 100% recovered.

Absolutely the right thing to do as a diabetic as well.

Well Done, Good Sir,

Little Missy
07-11-17, 06:46 PM
*big thick long plume cough choke cough inhaler hurry cough*


07-11-17, 10:46 PM
Toot Toot. Well done!! :yes:

07-12-17, 03:22 AM
Congratulations :)

Little Nut
07-12-17, 07:28 AM
Gratz Psych!!

The memory that helps keeps me "on the straight and narrow" is a group conversation in the smoke room at work just after quitting. (To this day a burning cigarette smells GREAT.) The conversation turned to quitting. Almost everyone there talked about how long each had gone without smoking. Surprisingly almost everyone there (8 or 10 folks) had gone multiple years w/o smoking. 3, 5, 7.... the longest was 11 years and some had quit multiple times. What stuck w/ me was that every single one had bummed a smoke or bought a pack intending to go right back to not smoking, but w/in 2 days was smoking as much OR MORE than when they quit. That tells me that I AM a smoker that hasn't smoked for a lot of years and that I'm only 1 cigarette away from starting again.

I usually follow that recount w/ if you ever see a traffic accident w/ me on the side of the road dying, stick a lit cigarette in my mouth and give me CPR if necessary.

Again, GRATZ PSYCH!!!!

07-12-17, 08:53 AM
It's been a number of years for me as well and I applaud your success. I agree that the smell of smoke is amazing and oh yes, there are days that I would love to take a puff. However a blood clot in my lung several years ago helps keep me on the straight and narrow. (blood clot was due to birth control but they said the time smoking didn't help)...Congrats!!

07-12-17, 09:21 AM
Congrats psycho, I am so proud of you :grouphug:

Personally I have never smoked and will never start smoking within Ebony's lifetime, probably not even after Ebony's gone either (at school we were all given horror stories about what happens to the inside of people who smoke, needless to say I don;t think anyone in my class at school started smoking while we were at school together)

07-13-17, 04:41 AM
Congrats! I would love to get there someday. I guess I am too weak or too much of a baby to get it now. I know with my recovery with alcohol I am very scared that not smoking that it will somehow send me into a relapse but maybe I am overthinking that too much. I have a vape that I am trying to incorporate during the evenings instead of ducking outside for a smoke but I havent quite gotten the hang of it yet. I am trying not to beat myself up so much because if I have to pick, drinking will always be way worse. I also by the least harmful cigarettes I can that are organic and additive free. They are the most expensive kind but I can say that I used to have all kinds of issues when I smoked marlboro's and dont have them now but its still the act of lighting something on fire and inhaling it thats bad. Not trying to justify just sharing.When I am in a sarcastic cynical mood (which lets face it, almost everyday) I joke that because I am smoking organic cigarettes Ill only get organic cancer.

07-13-17, 10:49 AM
Well done sir! Toot away!,-not-blowing,-your-own-horn-at-Schwab's-Impact-confab.jpg&maxw=1000&q=90&cci_ts=20131108151351

07-20-17, 10:09 AM
That's amazing! 7 years without nicotine is worth a brag. Never give into that one cigarette.

08-22-17, 04:31 AM
I'm quitting in the near future too.

I did it once before, and stuck with it for 4 years, but then a very emotional event got me started again a few months ago. I know I can quit again, and I will.

Got any additional tips?

08-22-17, 09:36 AM
I'm quitting in the near future too.

I did it once before, and stuck with it for 4 years, but then a very emotional event got me started again a few months ago. I know I can quit again, and I will.

Got any additional tips?

Don't do it alone!
Can you do it on your own? Absolutely! But IMHO there's some serious power in numbers when it comes to quitting. When you have quitting buddies you can cheer on, or lean on, it lessens your load.

I'm partial to as it's a site I used a LOT during my early quit (for the first year). Unfortunately the site has gone through some heavy revision and isn't nearly as helpful as it use to be.

I'm sure there's lots of other great forums dedicated to those quitting though.
Just having a place to turn to when you're craving and need something to fill that void in time you'd typically fill with smoking. Either venting about the crave...or cheering others on and helping them out.

Also many states have programs set up FREE for people to use. Like in my state, you can call them and they'll set you up with an over the phone coach if you want one. These coaches will help you set up a plan to quit, and then will call you every so many days to check in on you and see if there's anything you want to talk about or need...and my state will actually send out free patches and gum and what not as may want to see if your state does anything...

Someone on just recently posted a list of which states do what and what sites to go to...HERE (

...anyhow, congrats on your amazing 4 year quit you had going! Just because you started back up, doesn't mean that 4 year quit was a failure...haha not even close! You learned a TON during that time and grew a lot of strengths. Quitting is tough as you know!

Good job for deciding to quit again:D

I'll be over here whooping and hollering in support for ya! :yes: :grouphug: :yes:


08-22-17, 12:54 PM
:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: :yes::yes::yes::yes:


I lost my mom, who smoked for 40+ years, to lung cancer 10 years ago so I am a BIG fan of quitting smoking. They say it is the hardest out of all the substances to quit and I think it's true do to the availability of them.

I am a HUGE fan of these programs!! Taxpayer dollars very well spent!!

All 50 states and DC have programs to help people quit.

They are funded through federal funds and managed by the states under guidelines from the CDC.

08-23-17, 04:28 AM
One day I hope to be saying this. I am so afraid Ill drink without that one addictive thing.