View Full Version : An event from my past, irrational worries

07-14-17, 05:05 PM
I'm a volunteer at an animal shelter and a big animal lover. About a month ago, a staff member at the shelter found a frog in there, and she invited me to come with her as she went outside to release the frog. She put the frog near a puddle and went back inside the shelter, but since I have OCD, I felt like I had to stay there a few more moments to make sure the frog was okay. After staring at the frog for a few moments, I started walking back to the shelter, but I kept looking back at the puddle, just to be absolutely sure.

At some point when I looked back the frog wasn't there anymore. I went back to puddle to take a closer look, but the frog was nowhere to be seen, so I just went back to the shelter.

Even though I can tell with almost 100% certainty that the frog simply jumped into the puddle when I didn't look, I still can't get over the idea that I accidentally stepped on the frog when I went back to puddle to take a closer look. This idea makes no sense because the closest I got to where we put the frog was a few meters away from that spot, and also, if a frog had been crashed under my foot, I would have surely noticed.

Unfortunately, I cannot reason with my OCD, and even though I keep telling myself how irrational my worries are, they just don't go away.

Any advice on how to deal with this trouble?

07-15-17, 07:32 AM
One of the most important threads with OCD is anxiety. Many people with OCD suffer from anxiety and creating rituals, repetitive actions and obsessing over the outcome of something can make them feel safe and controlled. I do not have OCD but I do know someone with it and that feeling of not being in control can be overwhelming.
She takes Luvox and it really helps her.